9 Plants That Help Control Bugs

Wet soil with a small green plant growing out of it

9 Plants That Help Control Bugs It’s finally summer! That means we can get back to enjoying our favorite outdoor activities. Unfortunately it also means we will have to figure out ways to deal with outdoor bugs and pests that also come into our lives at this time of year. While out camping or hiking,…

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Common Pests After Storms & Floods

Image of fire ants.

With the heavy Texas heat we are experiencing, especially in Austin, San Marcos, Temple, and Houston, we have finally had a nice amount of rain. But this extra amount of water carries with it some complications. Not only does it damage homes and spread dangerous bacteria, but it also causes a sudden influx in the insect population. Some of the most common insects and pests that quickly appear after storms and floods are fire ants, mosquitoes, camel crickets, cockroaches, and rodents (rats and mice).

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