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I love that a technician will come out on the same day when I call with a pest emergency. Pest control is something I will never skimp on and having a quick responding company for unforeseen events makes all the difference.

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Great service and always diligent and willing to meet our needs with each visit. Eric has been great both of the visits he has serviced the house recently. It’s also greatly appreciated that they come do the in-between services since it has been so rainy this last year. Would definitely recommend this company.

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Jesse is the best !! He Went above and beyond. Really thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable about my biting ant situation - the guy really knows his stuff.

Leslie K.
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The Bug Master is home to effective spider pest control services in the Austin area. Although spiders can help get rid of other pests that may be living in your home, some spiders are harmful to both humans and animals. Hiring an exterminator for spiders is your best choice if you experience an abundance of spiders in your home. We use organic methods to keep your home pest and chemical free. For all of your spider pest control needs, choose The Bug Master.

Brace yourself, spiders are not insects, they're arachnids! Because they're not insects, they have different habits than common insects. Their varying habits make controlling spiders a challenge for average pest control operators. Spiders prey on other insects. They are constantly hunting. Some spiders are venomous and spider bites can be dangerous and can be dangerous.

Spider Habits, Behavior, and Diet
  • Depending on the species, some spiders like moisture and others like dry warm areas. These behaviors mean that you can find a spider in basements and crawls spaces as well as dry areas like attics and air vents.
  • Spiders have eight legs. They walk on the tip of their legs and are lifted up off the ground. This makes spiders control difficult to achieve. Generally, pest control and exterminators rely on pesticides leaving residuals behind that insects will become exposed to. Spiders moving up off the ground will limit exposure to residual treatments.
  • Spiders hunt and eat other insects. Controlling insect populations will also help to get spider control.
  • Spiders have three or four pairs of eyes. Some species have excellent vision.

Spider Control in Central Texas

If you want to get rid of spiders then you need a professional pest control and exterminating company like The Bug Master. We have over 35 years of experience getting rid of spiders and stand behind all our services 100%! The Bug Master guarantees spider control. To have complete control of spiders, enroll in one of our regularly scheduled pest control programs.