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I love that a technician will come out on the same day when I call with a pest emergency. Pest control is something I will never skimp on and having a quick responding company for unforeseen events makes all the difference.

Kendall T.
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Great service and always diligent and willing to meet our needs with each visit. Eric has been great both of the visits he has serviced the house recently. It’s also greatly appreciated that they come do the in-between services since it has been so rainy this last year. Would definitely recommend this company.

Alexandra B.
Facebook Reviewer


Jesse is the best !! He Went above and beyond. Really thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable about my biting ant situation - the guy really knows his stuff.

Leslie K.
Google Reviewer

Locations We Provide Ant Control

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Austin, Texas

We offer pest control service in Waco, Texas.

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General Pest Control FAQs

The Bug Master can help eliminate your ant problem quickly. Our proven Austin area ant removal methods will eliminate this annoying insect quickly, so you can return to your normal daily routine.

First, we identify the type of ant, find the colony or colonies, and treat the colonies directly. Controlling the individual soldiers seen around will not control them; you need to get to the source. This is where our expertise becomes evident; we treat the problem, not the symptom. There are many different types of ants and can be found in any type of home or business in Austin and Central Texas. Identifying the species is the first and most important step. We commonly see the following:

      • Carpenter Ants
      • Acrobat Ants
      • Argentine Ants
      • Bigheaded Ants
      • Crazy Ants
      • Fire Ants
      • Ghost Ants
      • Harvester Ants
      • Leafcutter Ants
      • Pharaoh Ants
      • Sugar Ants

Truly getting rid of ants means understanding their anatomy and behavior. We keep up to date with the latest research and technologies for eliminating ants.

About Ants

Ants Follow the Leader
Ants generally follow each other. Why? Ants leave a pheromone trail as they move along. A pheromone trail is like a scent trail to tell the others coming behind which way to go. This way an entire colony will know where the picnic basket is located.

Ants are Social Butterflies
Ants live in huge colonies of 300-500 thousand. This is why the pheromone trail is so bad for you! When the whole colony knows where your picnic basket is, it's like telling 300- 500 thousand uninvited guests where your private party is.

Ants will create colonies anywhere. Depending on the species, ant colonies can be found in and around your home or business. We have seen them in electrical transformers, wall voids, under foundations, and in the yard - basically anywhere.

Ants are invasive little guys. They can easily fit through the tiniest of cracks and crevices.

Unquenchable Hunger
Ants are not picky and eat anything left out. They generally prefer sugary foods, but will not complain if they stumble upon anything edible. They eat almost any kind of food including meats, eggs, oils, fats, etc.