How the Sentricon® System Delivers Superior Termite Control

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    Here at The Bug Master, we know that any job worth doing is worth doing right. That's especially true when it comes to the jobs of termite prevention and termite elimination. And that's why we use the best termite treatment: Sentricon®.

    Sentricon is the number-one brand of termite treatment because it works better than traditional methods. That's because Sentricon works differently. Here's how.

    Kid-Friendly, Pet-Friendly Termite ControlThe Types Of Termites That Infest The Woodlands Homes

    We all know that termites love to eat wood. But there's one thing termites love eating even more than wood — and that's Sentricon bait. Tests show that termites prefer Sentricon bait nearly 10 times more than wood!

    Sentricon bait is a solid, not a liquid. And it's not a poison, either — which is why the Sentricon system is safe to use around people and pets. The active ingredient in Sentricon is a chemical called noviflumuron, which only affects termites. After a termite eats noviflumuron, that termite can no longer "molt." Just as snakes shed their skin as they grow, young termites called nymphs molt their outer body coverings several times before they can reach adulthood. If a nymph can't molt, it dies.

    The Termite Bait That Eliminates Every Termite

    Like ants, termites are "social" insects: They all work together for the benefit of the colony. So when a termite scout leaves its colony to search for wood to eat — and that termite encounters Sentricon bait — the termite not only eats that bait, but it also takes some bait back to the colony to share. That's how Sentricon bait reaches every termite in the colony, including the queen. And that's how the Sentricon system can eliminate an entire established termite colony — and prevent new colonies from being established, too.

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    Termite Protection That Protects Landscaping and More

    Traditional termite prevention treatments require a trench to be dug around the building that needs termite protection. Then, hundreds of gallons of termite poison is pumped into the trench. That process not only damages landscaping, but also disrupts the activities of people living or working in the building. And the environmental risks and concerns of having termite poison in soil are obvious.

    The Sentricon system only requires a series of small holes to be drilled into the soil around the building to be protected. Then, refillable Sentricon termite bait stations are installed in each hole. The opening of each bait station sits flush with the soil, so it's inconspicuous and doesn't interfere with lawn mowing or other activities. Every Sentricon termite bait station opening is also sealed with a lid that can only be removed with a special tool — a tool that only a Certified Sentricon Specialist® has.

    Sentricon® Bait Refills Mean Year-Round Termite Prevention

    Following the Sentricon system installation, a Certified Sentricon Specialist will periodically check each bait station and refill them as needed. The building surrounded by Sentricon bait stations will then have continuous termite protection, day after day, year after year. Talk about real peace of mind from termite infestations and damage!

    Millions of Homeowners Trust the Sentricon® System

    Although Sentricon bait stations are easily removed, 9 out of 10 homes that have a Sentricon system installed keep it. So far, Sentricon has protected more than 4 million homes — and counting. Yours could be next.

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