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As the premier pest control company in Waco, TX, we know which pests are crawling around in your walls, and which subterranean insects are lurking beneath a structure. Our goal is to ensure that we successfully provide homeowners and businesses with the best pest control services available in Waco and surrounding areas. Our experienced and licensed exterminators in Waco use the most up-to-date equipment and treatments of the most common pests for your home or business. All of our services are backed up with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Learn more about our services in Waco, TX by calling us today!

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Residential Services in Waco, TX

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Residential services – No matter what time of the year, it can be a challenge to all homeowners to get rid of undesirable pests. The climate in Waco, TX attracts many persistent pests that can damage your home, including termites and various wildlife. In fact, the average homeowner is unaware they have a pest problem until it becomes a full infestation. We offer top-quality residential service plans that include the extermination of the following:

Commercial Services in Waco, TX

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Commercial Services – As a business owner ourselves in Waco, TX, we know how the threat of pests can affect company profits and damage valuable reputations within the community. The importance of clean and disease-free commercial environments is key to maintaining hygienic standards, and it starts with the prevention and extermination of pest infestations. Unfortunately, pests are active year-round, which means commercial facilities need to be monitored and treated on a regular basis. Fortunately, we are here to help. Our professionally-licensed inspectors will create a customized package that will protect your property before pests have a chance to affect your business reputation. Schedule a free inspection with the Waco pest control company that fellow commercial property owners trust most.

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What other services do you provide in Waco?

The Bug Master pest control technicians in Waco conduct a broad spectrum of services including wildlife removal and rodent extermination in addition to insects.

What are the best months to do pest control in the Central Texas area?

The best time to call our licensed experts depends on the pest pressure of the surrounding area and the property characteristics. Monthly services are best for residential locations, while commercial sites can be anywhere from weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. That being said, some insects prefer certain months more than others. Insects like Mosquitoes thrive between March and October. Whereas roaches prefer the months of April through September since they innately flourish during the months when temperatures are in the 80’s. Spring and Summer are often the most active seasons for many insects. Because Central Texas is known for our mild Falls and Winters, insects are equally active during those times.

It’s important to understand when outdoor climate is not conducive to an insect's habitat needs, your house or business will then become their home sweet home. But don’t wait until you see a glimpse of a single roach scurry across the counter or a mouse dart into wall crevice; because you can bet where there’s one, there is sure to be another.

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