Why do fire ant mounds pop up after rainfall?

If you've ever been stung by fire ants, it's quite unpleasant. Often, we really don't notice fire ants - especially during dry, hot times. However, when it rains, you'll tend to see fire ant mounds pop up all over the yard. Here's why.

When the hot Texas sun is bearing down, and it's dry, fire ants tend to stay underground in search of food, water, and cooler temperatures - especially during the summer.

And at times, they'll search for food or water inside your home.

However, with the constant rainfall we've had, fire ants will make their way up to the surface and build mounds. They'll bring their young up with them to avoid drowning as their tunnels begin to fill up with water.

And sometimes, when flooding occurs, they'll create these floating fire ant islands! No joke, check it out.

This weather can also encourage their eggs to hatch faster! 😬

Fire ants, like most insects, thrive in wet rainy conditions. And if you've ever been subject to a fire ant sting, it's quite unpleasant.

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