Taylor Rodent Control

Rodent Coupon 200x200Many of our Taylor pest control customers are calling us up for help with rodent control in their home and businesses. Rodent control problems are common this time of year. As the weather cools off, many pests will start to look for a nice safe, warm, and dry place to hide out. Remember rodents are looking for food, water, and shelter. To avoid hearing rodent scurrying around your attic here are the top 4 tips may want to consider.

  1. Don’t feed the rats – Rats and all rodents want an easy meal. Bird feeders are the first thing to consider if you have rodent problems. Bird seed is an easy meal for rats and other rodents, especially in the winter months as food becomes more scarce. Easy sources of food around your home and yard will actually invite rodent populations to move in.
  2. Rats are thirsty – Don’t give rodent populations a reason to hang out on your property. Try and fix all leaky hose bibs, make sure all water pipes turn off completely. You can also move bird baths as far away from the structure as possible. Check your HVAC unit’s drip pan, many times they can hold standing water.
  3. Don’t let rats move in – Rats, squirrels, and raccoon get cold too. As winter approaches, many rodents are looking for a safe warm bed. With out the proper steps to keep rodents out, they will be more than happy in your attic. Be sure to seal off all roof vents, mushroom vents, roof pipes, gable vents, and roof intersects. These are all common paths of entry for all types of rodents. Once inside rodent will make themselves at home in your insulation. Not good. A family of rodents in your attic can allow for a population explosion, and destruction of property.
  4. Make it hard for rodents to get inside – Trim back trees 4 to 6 feet off your roof. This will help to keep rodents off your roof, decreasing the chances that they will get in. Trim back vegetation and ornamentals. Rodents love ground coverage and bushes. This type of habitat can attract more rodents. Where ever possible you want to limit rodent habitat. If your home is hard to get in, they will move next door.