9 Plants That Help Control Bugs

9 Plants That Help Control Bugs

It’s finally summer! That means we can get back to enjoying our favorite outdoor activities. Unfortunately it also means we will have to figure out ways to deal with outdoor bugs and pests that also come into our lives at this time of year. While out camping or hiking, it is advisable to not forget your bug spray, but when you are in your own backyard some gardening may keep bugs away and add beauty to your outdoor living area.

Here are 9 plants that can help to keep your outdoor time bug free this summer:

Marigolds are common additions to a lot of flower beds for their appearance but they also serve a practical purpose. The distinctive smell of marigolds can repel mosquitos and other pests. In fact, marigolds actually contain a natural compound used in many insect repellents.

Lavender has a very pleasant smell to the human nose but the only bug that can stomach it is the bee. Hanging dried lavender inside your home can prevent moths and other bugs from deciding to plan a long term stay in your home. Additionally, lavender is drought resistant which makes maintenance very easy even in the dry Texas summer.

Lemongrass is another great addition to your outdoor garden. It is naturally rich in citronella which may sound familiar if you’ve ever bought a mosquito repelling candle. Lemongrass also contains a much larger concentration of citronella than the common store bought candle so it is much more effective. Lemongrass is a very tough plant that is easy to grow but should be planted in a pot that can be moved inside since it is not resistant to frost.

Garlic helps spook away vampires. We all know this. Mosquitoes are tiny flying vampires. Therefore, garlic repels mosquitoes. If that logic seems sound to you, it’s because it’s true. If you don’t want to plant garlic you can always spray garlic extract around your garden to get the same effect.

Planting an herb garden can help make dinner more delicious but it can also repel flies and mosquitoes. Rosemary and basil are both extremely effective at this. You can also plant cat nip to serve the dual purpose decreasing the likelihood of running into bugs while increasing the likelihood of running into cats.

Petunias are a beautiful addition for any backyard but their sweet smell can also repel aphids, tomato worms and other bugs. Mint is another delicious addition to your garden which many flying bugs have a strong distaste for.

Planting one or more of these plants in your outdoor living area will help ensure that you have a space you want to spend time in without having to worry about other pests.