Are Crickets Harmful?

This time of year, many of our pest control customers tend to start seeing crickets turning up. One of the questions we consistently get is “are crickets harmful”? The short answer is no. Crickets haven’t been known to be dangerous or harmful to people.

We’ve all been there: turning the house upside-down to find that elusive cricket hidden away someway in the corner. Like a game of Marco Polo, the closer we get, the sooner it quiets down. Yeah, annoying.

Crickets are simply a nuisance pest that has a distinct chirp that many people find annoying. Though once inside the house, they may feed on fabric and tend to prefer clothes with food or sweat on it. I know, gross!

Crickets are not harmful or dangerous to people. Here's some more useful information about crickets.

What types of crickets should you look out for?

The typical cricket we get around our area is the field cricket. These types can severely damage and destroy field crops and vegetable crops.

You'll find them outdoors and around buildings. They like moisture, so you’ll typically find them in mulched areas, unweeded plant beds, around woodpiles, stones, and various debris.

And as I’m sure you’re familiar, we get huge outbreaks of crickets in Texas.

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How do I prevent crickets?

You’re probably wondering how to prevent crickets. Well, here are some simple solutions:

  • Minimize your outdoor lighting
  • Use yellow lights outdoors to reduce field crickets
  • Seal gaps around your home, this includes:
    • Doors
    • Window frames
    • Pipe penetrations
    • A/C lines
    • Other entry points
  • Install door sweeps
  • Remove clutter

Another easy tip to prevent crickets is to place sticky traps around your home. A good place is around the corners of the garage door.

And with any sticky trap, be wary of how children and pets may interact with it.

Though great do-it-yourself tips, none of these will compare to a professional pest control service. If you have a large cricket infestation around your home or business, our pest control experts here at The Bug Master can take care of it.

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