Common Pests After Rainy Weather In Texas

After heavy rainfall, we see all types of pests pop up here in Texas. Flooding typically forces people into higher ground and safety and pests are no different. Rainy weather is their flooding event. It pushes them to safety and dryer spots. Here are the most common pests we see in Texas after rainy weather.


Here in Texas paper wasps are a common nuisance. They are annoyingly persistent and pack a nasty sting. You’ll see them building nests around the eaves or roof overhangs of your home or business. 


Fire Ants

Texans are quite familiar with fire ants. During drought or dry times in Texas, fire ant colonies live underground. They search for food, water, and cooler temperatures. After rainy weather, fire ants will build mounds to the surface and bring their young with them. They do this because water has filled up their underground tunnels. Unfortunately, this means they can pop up in your backyard. 


Living in Texas, you know how tough the mosquitoes can be - especially after heavy rainfall. Like all living creatures, mosquitoes need water to thrive. After rainy weather, their breeding grounds explode because there are water pools everywhere. Many pest control companies will typically fog to prevent or eliminate mosquitoes, but this can be ineffective during heavy rainfall. Consider using a mosquito control system that is rain-proof. 


Millipedes live in crawl spaces around the home. They love moisture. After a spout of rainy weather, they can be forced out of their homes and make their way into your home.


It’s very common for people to see house centipedes after heavy rainfall. Like millipedes, centipedes will move to drier areas after rainy weather. Use a professional pest control company to control any centipede activity around your home or business. If you need a free centipede inspection, let us know.

Texas Redheaded Centipede


After a heavy rainfall, it’s common for roaches to pop up in your home or business. Some roaches live in drains, pipes, and sewers. After a heavy rainfall, especially here in Texas, all those habitats flood forcing roaches to look for new places to infest. Roaches will look for new places to live, and sometimes that means your home or business!