Easy To Spot

Termite Signs

In Central Texas

Everything needs water to thrive. And termites are no different. Here in Central Texas, Subterranean Termites are a common, constant threat to commercial and residential property. They cause over $5 billion in damage across the United States. 

Here are the 5 clear indicators of active or past termite activity.

Damaged or Hollowed Wood

Over time, termites will chew through wood leaving smooth galleys. These termite galleys weaken the wood. If you knock on it, it will sound hollow.

Because Subterranean Termites live underground, they can come up through a crack or hole 1/32nd of an inch in the foundation. Many homeowners don’t know they have termites until they see swarmers in their homes or see wood blisters in the flooring.

Mud Tubes

Mud tubes are one of the most common indicators of active or past termite activity. Termites tend to build mud tubes from the ground up to the foundation. If your home has siding, the mud tube usually seems to stop at the siding. This is because they have likely gone under the siding into your home. They use mud tubes for protection, to maintain humidity, and keep temperature level.  

If you see a mud tube around your home or business, try to keep from breaking it until you have a licensed termite inspector take a look. A good termite inspector will try to ascertain where the tube is going so a proper termite control plan can be recommended. 

Bubbling, Soft, or Uneven Paint

Bubbling, soft, or uneven paint happens when termites hollow out the wood underneath the paint. It can be a sign of either termite or water damage.

Wood Flooring Blisters

Because Subterranean Termites can fit through a crack or hole in your foundation as small as 1/32nd of an inch, this means they can show up through your wood or composite laminate flooring. Sometimes wood flooring blisters can look like water damage.

Like damaged or hollowed wood mentioned above, you can knock on your flooring to see if it sounds hollow.

Termite Swarmers or Discarded Termite Wings

Termite swarmers are a clear indication that there is a colony near your home or business. Swarmers look like winged ants and have two pairs of equal-length wings. Mature termite colonies, typically at least 5-7 years old tend to swarm around March or April in Central Texas. Colonies can also start to swarm when it feels threatened.

Subterranean Termite colonies can span a football field, so the center of the colony can be right under you or a few houses down. We’ve even seen termite swarmers erupt from the second floor of the house.

If you’re seeing swarmers, contact a termite professional right away. Most licensed termite companies, like us, will do a free termite inspection and recommend the best course of action.