Rodent Droppings

While no one likes to think about it, even seasoned rodent inspectors like us, droppings can tell you a lot about what kind of rodents you're dealing with.

For example, rodent droppings will help you identify whether you need mouse or rat pest control.

Rodent Dropping Sizes

The clearest indication of whether you have a rat or mouse infestation is the size of the droppings. The image gives you a good idea as to how big rat or mouse droppings are.

When identifying rodents by their droppings, a good rule of thumb is to remember that mouse droppings are typically the size of rice. Rat droppings are about the size of Tic Tacs.

If you're going to do your own pest control, the droppings will give you a sense of whether you need rat traps or mouse traps.


Are rodents keeping you up?

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House Mouse vs. Norway Rat vs. Roof Rat Droppings

The three types of rodents we mostly deal with here in Texas are the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat, and the House Mouse.

Because mouse droppings are significantly smaller than rat droppings (remember that mice droppings are the size of rice), it's pretty easy to determine if you're dealing with a mouse infestation.

In terms of rats, it's helpful to identify the difference between Norway Rat droppings and Roof Rat droppings. The reason this is important is that it can give you an indication of how the rats are getting into your home or business.

Norway Rat Droppings

Norway Rat droppings tend to be blunt on both ends. They can also be a bit thicker than that of the roof rat droppings.

Roof Rat Droppings

The body of Roof Rats tends to be slimmer than that of the Norway Rat because they need a bit more agility to jump off of trees or power lines onto roofs.

And similarly, their droppings tend to be not as chubby as that of the Norway Rat. One common distinction that Roof Rat droppings have is a pinched end on one side or both.

Are rodents keeping you up?

Our pest control experts will make sure your home is free of rodents.

Other Pest Droppings Droppings

It's useful to know a little bit about non-target droppings. Thanks to our friends at Bell Laboratories, we have this handy graphic comparing other common droppings.

One common mistake people make is to confuse mouse droppings for that of roach or lizard droppings.

Squirrels commonly get into attics, and their droppings can also be mistaken for that of rats.

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