San Marcos Rodent Control In The Winter

With the fluctuating temperatures, rodents are likely to be more aggressive when it comes to finding shelter for the coming winter. Unfortunately, that can mean your home. With the San Marcos and Blanco rivers nearby, this can provide ample opportunities for rodents to thrive.

Rodents look for three: things, food, water, and shelter.


This is grillin' weather. And as the days and evenings become cooler, Texans want to come outside and grill. Walking through the San Marcos neighborhoods, you can enjoy the lovely smell of grills burning pecan, oak, and mesquite.

Unfortunately, rodents can have a field day with meat and drippings left on the grill. And if you're covering your grill after it cools down, this will provide a nice little safe haven for rodents.

To help reduce rodents, clean your pit, grill, or smoker after you grill.

On top of the nice weather, we love to let our pets play outside. You may even feed your dogs or cats outside. But you may be feeding rodents along with your pets. Rats, especially, love dog food.

Clean up any loose pet food outside to prevent rodents.


With the San Marcos and Blanco rivers right around the corner, rodents have ample water sources throughout the city. There's nothing to be done here, but you can prevent them from considering your home a water-source with a few tips.

Leaky faucets don't just cost you money, they can be attractants to rodents (and create conducive conditions for termites, ants, and other insects).

Be sure to fix any leaky faucets to stave off rodents. 

We Texans do like our jacuzzis. It's quite comforting to get into a hot jacuzzi - especially on a cool night. However, this is a huge rodent water source.

Be sure your jacuzzi is closed-up after every use to halt rodent activity. 


During the winter, we tend to keep our homes nice, warm, and cozy - sometimes this can mean having a comforting fire in the fireplace. However, we don't want rodents to take advantage of our homes.

We have a lot of mature trees here in San Marcos. And a lot of times they can grow over the roofline or even butt up against the roof.

You want to trim back any tree branches that grow over or butt up against your roof to halt any rodents from getting into your attic. 

Unfortunately, a lot of times we can't do that. In this case, you want to make sure your home is sealed tight. Here's a handy infographic about the common ways rodents get into homes. 

Remember to look around your home and yard and look for anything that will provide:

  1. Food
  2. Water
  3. Shelter

Address the issues as soon as possible.

If you're having any rodent issues, you can always call us for a free rodent inspection. 

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