Types of Rodents in Texas

Due to Texas’s large ecosystem, there are dozens of major species of mice and rats in Texas. Not only do these different rodents have varying features, but they also have varying habitats as well. Additionally, different types of rodent species can vary drastically in shape and size.

Most Prominent Rodents

Deer Mouse

Deer mice populate the entire state of Texas and are most common in rural, outdoor areas. Deer mice are about 6 2/3rd inches long and weigh 1/2oz to 1oz. They are almost exclusively nocturnal and tend to be burrowers. Furthermore, due to their size, they tend to enter homes to build nests.

Norway Rat

Although not originally a native species to Texas, Norway Rats live in nearly all areas of Texas. However, they are less common in the southern part of the state. While they prefer walking on the ground, Norway Rats are more than capable climbers and can invade different parts of the home to do so. They are about 17 in. long, weigh about 14-17.5oz and are known to be prolific at breeding. And because they breed rapidly, it is very difficult to keep their population in check.

Roof Rat

Not native to Texas, Roof Rats are common in every part of the state. They are about 14.5 in. long and weigh about 7oz. This species of rodent enjoys living close to humans in populated areas. Generally, they tend to prefer climbing on rafters, attics, and other parts high up in a building’s architecture. While very similar to the Norway Rat, these rodents tend to be on the less aggressive side and are not as quick to procreate.

House Mouse

The common House Mouse is also a non-native species that is spread throughout the entirety of Texas. These rodents mature at about 6.5 in. long and weigh between 0.6-0.8oz. They are known as nocturnal rodents, although they have the tendency to be active during the day as well. Furthermore, the House Mouse is hyperactive in the breeding. Because of this, they can be difficult to remove from homes they’ve moved into, causing significant damage.

Taking preventive measures to keep your home rodent-free is key. The following tips can help keep rodents from entering and being attracted to your home:

  • Keep your doorways and windows sealed tight, as rodents generally can fit in small spaces.
  • Keep your home clean and free of clutter. This includes making sure dishes, food, and trash are regularly cleaned and sealed away respectively.
  • Regularly look for droppings or other evidence of rodents. Evidence of one rat can often mean there are many more hidden.

From the House Mouse to the Roof Rat, rodents are a common occurrence in Texas. They come in varying shapes and sizes, and their tendencies to inhabit homes can be a nuisance. Once a rodent infestation is confirmed, it is best to call a pest control professional to remedy the situation. Contact The Bug Master today to receive a free rodent inspection and to learn more about rodent removal services.