5 Easy Steps to Accomplish Rodent Control Austin TX

mouse cartoon 195x202So… this is something not everyone will want to know about, but we have been getting a number of questions about rodent control Austin and tis the season, so here we go. With the weather cooling off we are seeing an increase in rodent activity in and around the homes and offices of our customers. This could be raccoons, opossums, armadillos, squirrels, rats, and mice. We have been getting calls from customers hearing noises in the attic, on the roof, or just seeing rodents around their property.

I’d say the most common rodents our customers deal with are rats. I hate to say it and I’m sure you hate to hear it, but rats are common in nature and that makes them common pests around your home and office. Now for the good news! There are easy steps you can take to accomplish rodent control Austin TX.

  1. Keep them out of your living space. Rodents are looking for food water and shelter. Your first step is to eliminate shelter wherever possible. This is simple and obvious but can be overlooked because people don’t know what to look for. Start in the yard and try to eliminate any harborage areas. This could be a brush pile of even large amounts of ground cover plants, such as thick ivy. Now look at the structure. A roof intersect (pictured below) will almost always have a gap large enough for a rodent to fit through and should be closed off. Also vents on the roof should be checked and enclosed. These access points are abundant and a constant point of entry for unwanted pests of all kinds.***ALL ENCLOSURE WORK SHOULD BE DONE AFTER A TRAPPING PROGRAM TO ENSURE YOU ARE NOT CLOSING UP ANIMALS INSIDE YOUR HOME***Call a professional if you’re not sure how to accomplish this.
  2. Don’t feed them. Much like bears, you WILL be sorry. Seriously, any food left outside is a welcome gift to unwanted pests. Oh, and by the way, bird feeders are food. Much of the seed you leave outside isn’t going to the birds, it’s going to rats and squirrels. You are literally training the wildlife to come to your house. The easiest meal is the one critters will remember, so your home will be the hot spot for neighborhood pests.
  3. Eliminate water sources. Remember: food, water, and shelter! Get rid of the water source rodents visit you for. This could be a leaky hose bib on the side of the home. Make sure all water pipes turn off completely. If possible move all bird baths away from the structure. You should also make sure the property has adequate drainage. Standing water is bad for a long list of reasons. You should also check the A/C or HVAC units. Sometimes units up in the attic will have standing water in the drip pan. Take a look around the property and see if anything needs to be done.
  4. Trim back your trees and bushes. You do not want trees and bushes touching the structure. You especially don’t want trees and bushes touching the structures roof. A good rule of thumb is to cut back trees and bushes 4 to 6 feet from the roof. This will make it harder for the rodents to get on your roof and find a way inside.
  5. Control the population.There are a number of ways to control the population. Trapping is something you can do on your own if you are feeling froggy. Trapped rodents can then be relocated into the wild far you’re your property. Another way to control the population when dealing with rats is with poison. This is a strategy that should generally be implemented by a professional who is licensed and experienced in this type of work.

If you are able to take these steps, you will go a long way towards accomplishing rodent control Austin TX. If still need some help call a professional.