5 Reasons Altriset Will Help in Getting Rid of Termites

Altriset Logo 195x138Termites. Bad. You need to get rid of termites and do it fast. Termites cost U.S. homeowners $5 billion in damage every year to their most valuable possession – the home. Here in central Texas we will generally see subterranean termites in and around our homes. These subterranean termites can be tricky and require specific termite treatments. They can infest a home for years before any visible signs show up to alert homeowners that termite treatments are needed. The damage can occur behind walls, siding, and trim throughout the home and you would never know it. For this reason, damage costs can skyrocket. It is important as a homeowner to watch for any signs of damage to the structure, mud tubes on the structure and other signs like termite swarmers. All these elements will be signals of termite activity on your home and let you know you need to get rid of termites. If you see any of this activity you need to immediately look into getting rid of termites before the structure is damaged further.

If you find yourself dealing with a termite infestation, your first step will probably be to find a professional to diagnose the problem and put together a proposal for service. Any pest control Austin TX company will come take a look at the structure, decide if it is in fact termite damage, then develop a solution to kill the termites. The pest control company will have a number of products that they can use for termite treatments. There are bait systems that use slow-acting termite control chemicals. The bait system is effective in getting rid of termites but can be a slow process. These bait systems are a great solution for pier and beam structures that have limited access to the crawl space. You can also use repellents, which are designed to keep termites away from a treated soil area, rather than killing them. Repellents are designed to create a barrier that protects the structure from termites. Finally, we have non-repellents. Non-repellents are applied to the soil with the goal of having termites pass through the treatment. Then the infected termites will spread the treatment amongst themselves. This will increase the possibility of getting rid of the termites colony.

Any professional pest control Austin TX company will have a number of termiticides available to them. There are a couple key products that are industry standards. DuPont has a new product on the market that if effective and has a number of desirable characteristics. This product is called Altriset. Altriset is a non-repellent termiticide. Here are the 5 top reason we started offering this product to our customers.

1) Altriset stops termite feeding within hours of exposure. In the short hours after exposure the Altriset will paralyze the mouths of the termites. This immediately stops the termites from feeding. Our customers love this immediate action compared to most other products that will take two to six weeks to achieve the desired effect.

2) Austin is an environmentally conscious community and Altriset in an environmentally conscious choice. This product combines effective control with low impact on the environment. Altriset is targeted specifically at termites. Like I mentioned earlier, it paralyzes the mouths of termites. This type of specific targeting will cause less harm to beneficial insects. Altriset is also the first liquid termiticide to be registered as reduced-risk for use on termites by the U.S. EPA under the EPA’s reduced-risk program.

3) Altriset has proven to be a product with an effective transfer effect. Meaning, that exposure to soil that has been treated with Altriset will cause intoxication and end with death of termites. This non-repellent termiticide works through contact and ingestion. Termites cannot smell or taste the product in the soil.

4) This product has efficient horizontal transfer. This means that not only does soil treated with Altriset expose termites to the treatment, but also other termites exposed to the treatment will help to pass treatment to the rest of the colony. This is described as primary and secondary mortality. The product is readily transferred among the termites which help to achieve total colony control.

5) This product was developed by DuPont, a brand that has earned consumer trust. Over the years the credibility established by DuPont has created a household brand consumers are comfortable and familiar with. As a service provider this is an important characteristic, which is easily communicated to our customers. It will immediately connect the service we are providing with an established name that cultivates reassurance for the customer.

If you are seeing signs or are worried that your home may need protection from termites or you need to get rid of termites, contact your local pest control Austin TX company for a free inspection. I must recommend The Bug Master for help with getting rid of termites, we are bugmasters after all.