Austin Pest Control: Bed Bugs Austin TX

bed bug cartoon 200x236Are you a do-it-yourselfer? If so, maybe you should cool out when it comes to addressing Austin bed bugs. Seriously, call someone. If you try and battle Austin bed bugs on your own, you are headed for disappointment and you could actually be making a bigger problem for yourself. A study published in June by the Journal of Economic Entomology can confirm what the Austin pest control professionals have been telling customers all along. Total release foggers or bug bombs will generally be what you find available over the counter to consumers. These products are marketed and sold as a solution for bed bugs, fleas, or other pests, but are ineffective and can actually make your problem worse and more difficult to effectively treat by a professional Austin pest control company.

Staff members from Ohio State University tested the effectiveness of three commercially available foggers common to store shelves around the country. The foggers were tested on five bed bug populations.

To understand why these poducts are ineffective it is important to be familiar with how a Austin bed bug behaves. They will hide in cracks and crevices in and around your home. This could be the bead around a mattress. It could be nooks and crannies of a bedside dresser, or under and behind baseboards. Whatever the case, bed bugs WILL find an area that provides “harborage”. This is a natural behavior that provides the bed bugs with protection. To treat bed bugs Austin TX customers must understand that bed bugs Austin will stay hidden during day light and will typically only come out of safe harborage when they sense a feeding opportunity at night.

The study found that all these behavioral traits play a profound role in the effectiveness of fogger treatments. There will not be people or pets in the room that is fogged at the time of treatment. This means that the bed bugs will be safely tucked away in their inaccessible spaces while the treatment is being applied. For this reason it is extremely unlikely that you will get the desired results when using a fogger. For an adequete treatment on bed bugs Austin TX customers need to get the treatment to the areas of harborage.

The bed bugs Austin customers are dealing with will need direct exposure to the chemical treatment in order to kill off the entire population. The fogger will generally result in very low mortality rates due to the harborage of the bed bugs. Foggers will not penetrate in to the cracks and crevices where most pest will be hiding. Bug bombs will also push the insect population deeper into cracks, crevices, and wall voids, and will make it harder for a Austin pest control professional to reach the insect population for adequate treatments. In addition, foggers can also kick start other pest issues. German cockroaches, for instance, prematurely release eggs in response to fogging. Also, if you are in multi-family housing fogging can cause migration of the population to next door. This was found with bed bugs, fleas, and cockroaches.

So, in summation, you the customer will not be well served by purchasing these products. It is highly unlikely that the product will be used in accordance with the label. Furthermore, the use of insecticide products ineffectively will result in wasted money, and unneeded chemical exposure to the environment. It can also population of bed bugs Austin customers are dealing with. The insect population will develope insecticide resistance, making it harder to irradicate the infestation. Using ineffective products will also postpone an effective treatment. The postponement will allow for the population to grow, making the issue harder to resolve for the Austin pest control company you contact in the future.

If you are experiencing issues with bed bugs please contact one of bugmasters inspectors for a free inspection.