The Most Common Types of Termites in Texas

The most common types of termites in Texas

As termite season generally occurs in hotter and more humid areas, Southern states are hit with termites more frequently. With numerous termite species inhabiting and affecting the Texas region, there are 3 more common types of termites that you should be aware of…

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Common Pests After Storms & Floods

Image of fire ants.

With the heavy Texas heat we are experiencing, especially in Austin, San Marcos, Temple, and Houston, we have finally had a nice amount of rain. But this extra amount of water carries with it some complications. Not only does it damage homes and spread dangerous bacteria, but it also causes a sudden influx in the insect population. Some of the most common insects and pests that quickly appear after storms and floods are fire ants, mosquitoes, camel crickets, cockroaches, and rodents (rats and mice).

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What is the Most Common Scorpion in Austin, TX?

Scorpions in Austin, TX

With Texas’s hot and dry summer quickly approaching, the likelihood of Austinites encountering a scorpion is increasing. Although Texas has around 20 different species of scorpions, the most common species in Austin is the Striped Bark Scorpion. As these scorpions can’t create heat with their own body, they depend on the warmth of the environment to help them to stay alive. This means that during cooler weather, scorpions look for warmer indoor or outdoor environments. In this article, we will provide more awareness about the Striped Bark Scorpion in Austin, TX.

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Signs of Fleas at Home

signs of fleas in a home

Although found primarily on the host, fleas can also be found in other places, such as carpets, socks, and bedding. Quick to repopulate, a flea problem can easily become an infestation if not identified and treated quickly. Learn as we walk through several signs that may determine if you have a flea infestation at your home.

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