Why do fire ant mounds pop up after rainfall?

Fire ant mound

If you’ve ever been stung by fire ants, it’s quite unpleasant. Often, we really don’t notice fire ants – especially during dry, hot times. However, when it rains, you’ll tend to see fire ant mounds pop up all over the yard. Here’s why.

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4 Easy Ways To Help Prevent Termites

Image of bamboo hardwood floor termite damage.

Termites cost Americans $5 billion a year and can cost a homeowner up to $10,000 in damage. The best way to prevent termites can be simple fixes around your home. Here are 4 simple ways to help prevent termites around your home or business.

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Types of Rodents in Texas

Opossums on a fence in Texas

Due to Texas’s large ecosystem, there are dozens of major species of mice and rats in Texas. Not only do these different rodents have varying features, but they also have varying habitats as well.

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