Bed Bugs Austin, Are They for Real?

4Just today I was asked again if the Bed bugthing is as big as it seems. Bed Bugs are back and back to stay. We receive bed bug calls daily with the infestation levels ranging from light to heavy. People in Austin are in constant need of a FREE bed bug inspection in structures from office buildings to multifamily apartment buildings as well as single family dwellings, from efficiencies to million dollar homes. Bed bugsAustin, Waco, San Marcos and everywhere in between.

What to look for:

  • bites that are soar or itching first thing when you wake up
  • small bugs on or around the bed (about the size of an apple seed)
  • spotting on your bed sheets, mattresses, headboards, etc.
  • skin casts from molting bugs around bed and bedding

Having an infestation of bed bugsis not the end of the world, in fact they’re bite is generally no worse than a flea bite. Finding and treating all the bugs at once is the key to control. These little pests can be quite difficult to eradicate and the effort are better left up to the professionals. Attempting to treat Bed Bugs yourself can push them deeper into their hiding places making eradication even harder.

If you suspect that you have bed bugs the first step is to get a free inspection and properly diagnose the pest. Once you have diagnosed the issue a professional pest control provider can come up with a plan to get rid of the bed bugs.