Bug Proof Your Windows and Doors

This is a close-up image of a mosquito.

It’s fall, and that means a lot of people (myself included) love to open their windows and doors to let in some of those refreshing fall breezes. And while pest activity is definitely lower now than it is during the summer, pests never go away entirely. In fact, the cold temperatures means that pests are even more motivated to come inside to seek the warmth and protection of the indoors. Here are a few things you can do to keep pests out of your windows and doors.

Install screens…

Putting screens on your windows and doors lets you enjoy the outdoors without all the pests that come with it. This screen material from New York Wire is the highest rated screen material on Amazon.com. It’s even resistant to scratching and clawing by your pets.

...Or make sure your current ones are fixed

Stop Mosquitoes Today!

Even if you have screens already, it is a good idea to check them over and make sure they don’t have any holes or tears. You can use a screwdriver or scissors to push any broken wires back into the correct spot. Then add some household cement to seal the hole and keep pests from getting in. This household cement from Duco is the highest rated one on Amazon. If your screen has just become loose on the sides, you can use staples for wood frames or a splining tool for aluminum frames to put it back on the frame.

If your door is not sealed, you might as well be putting a sign on your door that says “Come on in pests!” To keep insects from accepting the invitation, install a steel or aluminum threshold underneath your door. For an added layer of protection, attach a door sweep as well. In addition, you should add weather-stripping to the frame in order to prevent insects from entering along the top or sides of the door.

About the Author: This guest blog post was written by Holly Rhoades. Holly writes about replacement windows and doors for the Brennan Windows blog.