First Case of Zika Virus Confirmed in Travis County

Travis County Health and Human Services Department Confirmed First Case of Zika Virus

In yesterday’s press release, The Travis County Health and Human Services Department confirmed the first positive case of Zika Virus. A male under the age of 50 contracted the virus while in Colombia. An earlier discovery confirmed the first case in Dallas, Texas as a sexually transmitted disease involving a person who had been travelling in Latin America.

However, it has been reported as most commonly transmitted by a type of mosquito in the U.S., and endemic to Central Texas.

Cases confirmed in the U.S. have been results of mosquito bites – more than 10 cases in Texas.

Mosquitoes are usually more active between March and October, less in the colder months. With the warmer months coming up, the health department will begin collecting, testing and treating mosquito breeding areas. For now, preventative measures the community should take:

  • Draining water on property
  • Wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants
  • Using EPA-registered insect repellents

Other Measures for Mosquito Control in Central Texas

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