Georgetown Rodent Control

Rodent Rod on a roof 175 x 233Several customers have asked, “Why do I need pest control in Austin in the fall and winter months?” The most direct answer is “This is Texas.” For example, where I live in Georgetown rodent control is a common problem throughout the winter months. Even though our temperatures fall from the 100+ days of summer, it's still t-shirt weather a large portion of the fall and winter. This means that bugs can stay active throughout the year. But any cooler temperatures we experience will make pests and rodents seek out shelter. Ants and roaches can become a problem as they seek food and warmth, and rodents especially love to find a place to nest, usually in the warm attic insulation of a home or business they find a way into. Before the winter months hit it's wise to consider an inspection for rodent trapping and exclusion, and a good general pest control program for pest prevention inside the home.

What is 'exclusion'? It means to exclude, or keep things out. Finding places where pests and rodents might enter the home, and seal them off.

For example:

  • Checking for cracks in walls and roof intersects where rodents might enter.
  • Sealing off gaps around pipes coming into the home.
  • Examining the attic for open vents and pipes.
  • Trimming back tree limbs that would provide roof access.

With the proper care, any home or business can stay pest and rodent-free throughout the year.

If you would like an inspection of your home or business feel free to contact The Bug Master today.