Get Rid of Termites and Not Wear Sleeves? I’m In.

Altriset Logo 195x138As our focused, yet limited readership enters into a new and exciting termite season, I thought this might be a good time to give you just a little bit of updated information about our current termite and pest control program. This will be a good one, I can feel it. I live in Austin. There is a pretty good chance that you also live in Austin. Being an Austinite, I’m not going to say you are a hippy flat out (you could have grown up in oak hill like me) but I’m just saying that maybe, just maybe you have owned a tie die shirt. Not judging, it’s a pretty good look, especially with cowboy boots. Anyways the point is you could have some environmental concerns. Many people looking for termite and pest control are going to ask about our green pest control services.

But why would I be talking about termite and pest control or specifically termite control and then mention green pest control, because we have a proverbial green pest control arrow in our proverbial quiver. Allow me to give you an ear beating on the subject.

You need termite control. You have been told that you need a termite treatment. You do not really want a termite treatment even though you need termite control. You have heard how hardcore termite treatment products can be and bait (which is always considered green) is too expensive and takes too long to work. Now what? How to get rid of termites and still have a garden you can eat out of. How to get rid of termites and not kill all the bees and geckos? I may have a solution for you. I know how to get rid of termites and not even wear sleeves man.

I will stop being coy and tell you a little bit about a new product we have been using since last year. The reports are in and this stuff works. Many in the termite and pest control industry are a little bit skeptical about termiticides other than Termidor; Termidor has been the industry standard for a while. I mean hell, many in our company have been skeptical about giving customers anything other than Termidor. Now we have a product called Altriset. It was developed by DuPont. You may have heard of it, big company. Altriset is a termiticide, its pretty cool and has an excellent environmental profile. In fact you can get LEED points for using this product (if that doesn’t mean anything to you, just know that tie die shirts pat you on the back with tax breaks if you are LEED certified). Anyways, it is pretty cool stuff and we love it.

Altriset is a smart choice. It has an excellent environmental profile. You could walk around barefoot without gloves and no shirt to do a termite job with Altriset (we still wear a shirt). That is a big difference from most termiticides. Altriset works. It works by paralyzing the mouths of termites within hours of exposure. It also increases termite’s natural social behavior. This means that it spreads throughout the colony from increased aggregation and grooming behavior.

Altriset works with innovative efficiency:

  1. Your professional termite control specialist applies Altriset to your property
  2. The first wave of termites to come into contract with non-repellent Altriset becomes exposed through contact and ingestion and then carries it on their bodies, affecting other unexposed termites. It is not tasted or smelled by termites
  3. Within several hours, the mouths of exposed termites become paralyzed to stop feeding.
  4. Termites exposed to Altriset experience increased grooming and interaction, affecting other termites in the colony.
  5. Over time, termites become more lethargic and show signs of muscle paralysis.
  6. Altriset controls the termite population in three months or less when used in accordance with the label.

Boom, drop mic and walk away. Altriset good.