Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Our Process

bed bug monster 200x233OK so here’s the deal. Bed bugs are biting folks all over town. Bed bugs in Austin are what one might call unacceptable. The real problem is that bed bug control is an expensive. No joke, when I give bed bug Austin customers a bid for service they faint right then and there. But, you might say, “How does one get rid of bed bugs in one’s home without paying an arm and a leg”. I am sorry to report that generally speaking this is not a job for a do it yourselfers, you will have to cough up the money. The sad truth is that bed bug control is a job for a professional pest control company. In reality, you will have very, very, very slim chances of getting rid of bed bugs by yourself. O.K. getting rid of bed bugs is expensive and requires lots of preparation work on the part of the customer. Thanks for the bad news. But wait! Our team at The Bug Master has some good news. We have a more cost effective, method that requires extremely limited preparation on the part of the customer. I know, bed bug control has never sounded so appealing to me either.

So this is what it looks like. First, you need an inspection so we can be absolutely sure you actually have bed bugs. It could be a different pest altogether; in which case you would need a whole different treatment. Treatments should always be pest specific; you can’t just spray and pray. You could also just be insane and crazy and think you have invisible insects crawling all over you that don’t actually exist. This happens way more than you might think and no pesticide will cure this ailment, trust me. So, once we have established that you actually do have bed bugs we can move forward with a treatment.

After said inspection, we will let you know what your role in the treatment process will be. We are here to provide bed bug control and completely get rid of bed bugs throughout the home. Your job is to allow us to do our job. We will need three things from you. Check out our bed bug prep sheet.

  1. Remove all valuables. Jewelry. Jewelry boxes, Jewels, Jewel like objects, Rhine stones, dinero, wampum, rupees, American money, diamonds, blocks of gold, pirate treasure, booty, poker chips, hundred dollar bills y’all, IOU’s, government bonds, bank notes… you get the picture.
  2. Remove all personal effects. Anything you don’t want me to see and handle.
  3. Remove all weapons and ammunitions. This is an important one. Don’t leave a gun under your mattress because we are going to reach under there and flip your bed over to apply a proper bed bug treatment that will get rid of bed bugs and get you bed bug control once and for all.
  4. Remove all clothing and personal items from floor and under the bed. You need to pick up the floors, get stuff out from under the bed etc. The technician will need a clean, clear space to get down to it.

After the customer has completed this short list (this is WAY less work than any other provider would require of you) we go to work. Our technicians will put all items in infested areas into big bags, seal them and let you know to wash and dry all items. The dryer kill bed bugs. They will treat all the cracks and crevices with a chemical treatment that will leave behind a residual treatment. Steam will be applied to areas that require heat. And there you go. No more bed bugs and a 90 day warranty, longest warranty on the market. Boom, drop mic and walk away.