Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed Bug breaking out 200x221Even in the dead of winter we still get calls every day from customer wanting us to get rid of bedbugs. The fact of the matter is that bedbugs are not affected as much by the current weather as they are by the amount of travel going on. Bedbugs are hitchhikers and tend to ride on things more so than on people. When people want to know how to get rid of bedbugs the first thing to establish is a good idea of where the bedbugs may have come from to begin with. Identifying the source of the current infestation can play a key role in making sure that your home stays bedbug free after it is treated. Many times attempts are made at getting rid of bedbugs over and over again thinking that the treatments are not working when what is actually happening is that new bedbugs are being brought in over and over again. During the holidays travelers that stay in hotels, with family and friends run the risk of picking up bedbugs in their luggage and other belongings. Then the bed bugs hitch a ride back home and begin to reproduce and just like that a new infestation is born. When this happens a good thorough bedbug treatment is usually enough to eliminate the adults and any eggs that may have been planted. Other times bed bugs are brought in other ways. Children that stay over with friends can bring them home in their dirty clothes, backpacks or even toys. In today’s world of split families the same thing can happen as children travel back and forth between homes. In a very short amount of time both homes are infested and if both homes are not treated any attempts at getting rid of bedbugs will be futile. When trying to establish where the initial infestation may have come from think carefully about all the places that you and other members of your family have been. Has Mom or Dad been on any business trips? Almost all hotels these days have had to deal with bedbugs. They are just a simple fact of life these days and have very little to do with the sanitation level of the actual hotel or motel. Also keep in mind that bedbugs have been found in places like theaters, libraries and office buildings. Any place where people go, bedbugs can go. All that being said, getting rid of bedbugs is possible. If you suspect that you have bedbugs the first thing to do is a quick inspection of the bed. Check the bead around the mattress first. Bedbugs love to hide in this area and if present are not too difficult to find. If they are there you will almost always see the actual bedbug or spotting from the fecal matter they leave behind. The next place to look is the headboard and then any furniture in close vicinity of the bed in question. You want to look in the crack and crevices and any holes in the furniture including screw holes and the like. If you find the actual bedbugs or evidence that you think may be bedbugs do not treat them yourself. Getting rid of bedbugs is best left up to a professional that has been specifically trained to do so. Any attempt to treat them yourself will more than likely result in driving the bedbugs deeper into hiding making the professional treatment less effective. After you have chosen a professional company to treat the bedbugs you should receive a list of things for you to do to prepare for the actual treatment. Your role in the elimination process is very important and your cooperation is critical.

The list of things to do is usually just a short prep list. Some of the things you can expect for you to do may include.

  • Complete vacuuming of all rooms prior to and after treatment
  • Removing all bed linens
  • Washing all clothes and linens in hot water and drying on high heat
  • Having the floors picked up and clutter free
  • Closets should be relatively clear and accessible

Every company has different requirements based on the type of treatment that they provide.