How to Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

Summer travel is here! Finally. Unfortunately, that also means a higher risk of getting bed bugs. Bed bugs are known for their hitchhiking abilities and how quickly they are transported from one location to another; making them an elusive pest. They are also difficult to control since they can quickly breed and even hide in small crevices. Depending on the scope of the infestation, it can take several treatments to eliminate bed bugs for good, which it is essential to take some precautions to make sure that your room is bed-bug free.

So, before you snuggle into your hotel room or Airbnb, first use our handy guide to inspect for spots bed bugs like to hide. These steps should only take 5-10 minutes and may save you a big headache.

When entering a hotel room, place your luggage in the bathroom. This is the safest place to store your luggage. Middle of the floor is best.

Dirty laundry typically gets tossed in the closet. Because Bed Bugs are effective hitchhikers, it’s best to check the corners and joints with your flashlight.

This is where they are most likely to be if there are bed bugs. Pull back the sheets to inspect mattress seams and box springs. Small black stains are a typical indicator.

Use your flashlight to check behind the headboard. This will probably be the second most likely hiding spot for a bed bug infestation.

Art Above Bed
There is typically an art piece or mirror above the bed. Bed bugs can be hiding behind it. Your flashlight will come in handy as you check behind the mirror or art piece.

All sofas and chairs should be checked. Pull off the cushions if possible. Your flashlight will come in handy here. Don’t worry, you’re almost done...

Take a look at the outlets, especially near the bed. They can sometimes hide under the plate where it meets the wall. One more to go, you’re doing great!

Almost done! Aer inspecting the entire room, inspect all dresser and nightstand drawers. Go the extra mile by pulling them out - just don’t damage the room 🙂

No Flashlight? No Problem.
Most smartphones have flashlights built in.
Simply turn it on and go bed bug hunting.

Pro Tip
Use the room’s hair dryer to warm portions of the bed. This will simulate the body warmth bed bugs are looking for. Note that some rooms have them attached in the bathroom. In that case, it may be best to bring your own.

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