How To Get Mosquito Control

mosquito 200x200So… this is a topic of conversation that will soon be of great relevance to many. I’ll go ahead and address said topic now so that our dear, focused yet limited readership will have something to sink their teeth into as they sit around their backyard being eaten alive by those damn mosquitoes. Mosquito control is all about attitude and atmosphere. Meaning that your environment and your acknowledgment of environmental deficiencies can and will have a huge impact on the itchiness of your ankles.

In other words mosquitoes breed under certain circumstances in certain environments. They breed in humid weather around a water source. You will most likely be unable to have an effect on the weather. If you are however able to effect the weather call me, we should talk (please take of your cape off before we talk or I won’t be able to take you seriously). But, you can get rid of the water sources needed by mosquitoes to breed, unless you live by the lake or a pond etc. In which case you can just skip down to the button that reads “Mosquito Control Coupon” and press that sucker because you, my friend, are in need of a professional mosquito treatment, or some type of mosquito pest control. However, for the rest of you, get rid of standing water or anything that could possibly result in standing water. Get rid of old baby pools. You haven’t used it in years and your neighbors don’t like seeing them anyways. Make sure that your hose bib (hose thing sticking out of the side of your house) isn’t leaking and creating a puddle. Do whatever necessary to get rid of standing water. You get the picture. Look around your yard and make some adjustments.

That may or may not be enough. You could easily have standing water just outside of your property. Maybe it’s your neighbor that has the old baby pool from three years ago leaning against a shed. Maybe there is a huge drainage ditch nearby that is less of a drain and more of a ditch. Whatever the case may be, after you make all adjustments possible to your property you might still need a mosquito solution. In this case you will want to look into a mosquito treatment. What is a mosquito treatment? Do they really work? Will a treatment give me mosquito control? How long will the mosquito control last? These are all good questions. With some easy and strait forward answers.

This is what our mosquito pest control looks like.

  • Monthly Treatment – We offer a monthly mosquito pest control treatment through the summer months, which believe it or not, in Texas that is usually from March – October.
  • Licensed Technician Applies Treatment to Vegetation – This is a liquid treatment. You will want to give treatment time to dry before you re-enter yard area. For this service one of our licensed and trained technicians will come out to your place of business or home and treat the vegetation around the property. We will treat all the bushes, ornamentals, any shady spots around the yard etc. These are all areas where mosquitoes hangout during the daytime hours. By treating these spots you can ensure good exposure to the mosquito population that will last about a month. Generally at a home this is a 30 ft barrier, but each job is a little bit different.
  • 30 Day Warranty – This service carries a 30 day warranty.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed –We guarantee your satisfaction with all our services. If you are not satisfied we will return until you are. If we are unable to meet your expectations we will refund your last scheduled service.

If you want to speak to an inspector about this treatment contact The Bug Master today!