How to Get Rid of Termites in Your House

Termite Damage 180x240Finding out that you have termites in your house can seem like a pretty traumatic experience to some people. The fact is that where we live and in most parts of the United States, termites are a fact of life. As long as we build structures out of wood based products we will have to deal with termites. Think of it like this. Your home has either had a termite treatment or needs a termite treatment. Sounds kind of extreme but it is true.The good news is that the question of how to get rid of termites can be answered with ease. Hire a trusted professional that is licensed and has the proper tools to tackle the job. When choosing a termite control company you should ask for references and choose a company with lots of experience. Experience is one of the key factors do to the many different types of construction found in our neighborhoods. I would ask for a complete diagram of the structure outlining the whole treatment plan. Every structure is a little different and some have major differences. There will most likely be trenching, concrete drilling, holes cut and or drilled in walls, and list goes on. Make sure that you know what chemical will be used for the treatment. Will they use a generic, or a name brand? Name brand chemicals are backed by the manufacturer that makes them and most generics are not. The chemical should be a non-repellent product. Non-repellents allow the termites to continue to forage without even realizing that they are actually transferring the chemical back to the colony with every trip they make. Ask about the warranty that comes with the treatment. Make sure the company offers a warranty that id renewable. There are two main reasons the warranty should be renewable. A renewable warranty extends the time period each year it is renewed and it insures that the company will return to inspect the structure each year to make sure the termites have not returned.

Follow these steps when considering how to get rid of termites in your house.

  • Locate a company with lots of experience and references
  • Schedule a free termite inspection
  • Ask lots of questions
  • Review a written plan of action with a diagram
  • Ask about the chemical to be used
  • Ask about the warranty