Know Your Enemy: An Interview With a Local Rodent

rat on hotrod 200x140This is the time of year we have to deal with Austin rodent control, rodent removal, and just general animal removal. Our rodent control austin customers are always puzzled as to why they even need rodent removal. The fact is, here in Austin rodent control is a part of life due to the environment. There are rodents all around us, and knowledge of how they act is important if you want to achieve rodent control Austin. Here is some information strait from the rodent’s mouth.

1) Sight

  • I’m pretty much blind. I basically feel around to know where I’m going, that’s why I usually travel along a wall or furniture.
  • I can see the contrast between light and darkness. I am always on the lookout for dark shady areas where I feel protected.

2) Taste

  • Apparently I have outstanding taste. For real. I can taste 250 parts per billion. I don’t do math (because I’m a rat) so I have no idea what this means, but it sounds like a lot. Sometimes I impress myself.
  • Food Preferences: Rat babies will know what the mother’s diet is from the mother’s milk. Babies will prefer their mothers’ food source because of the familiarities.
  • Taste Aversions: I don’t like food that hurts my tummy, and I will remember what foods make me feel bad, you can count on that.
  • Dietary Needs: Evolution and the need for survival have shaped me. I can tell when I have nutrient deficiencies and will seek foods that will fill this void in my life. Once I find foods that will provide the nutrients I lack, I will prefer them until my void has been filled.

3) Smell

  • I have a good sense of smell.
  • Our resident scholar in the rat pack Dr. Rodentia says that 1% of my genes are involved in my sense of smell.
  • Pheromones are a important form of communication, used to communicate colony status, and reproductive behaviors.
  • I use this outstanding sense of smell to track down meals. That reminds me, I’m hungry. “Sniff, sniff”.

4) Touch

  • I got whiskers everywhere. I keep my most outstanding whiskers on my face. I use these whiskers for guidance, they help me feel along walls and such. Very similar to cats, ironic isn’t it. These whiskers are my main source for guidance so I usually travel along walls and such. I basically never travel out in the open.
  • I also have sensory pads on my feet. This makes me sensitive to metal bait stations because they can get too hot or cold for my sensitive footsies.

5) Sound

  • Sonic and ultrasonic range:

-I’m not saying I’m better than you BUT, I hear things you can’t!

-My ultrasonic range is far superior to mere mortals. Translation: I hear high pitchstuff.

-I also communicate in these ultrasonic frequencies, so you can’t hear me. So thereare a bunch of squeaks, clicks, and whines that go unnoticed by my victims.

6) Kinesthetic Sense: This is a mouth full, so read slowly and carfully. Being a rat Idon’t totally understand most of these words but I’m told…

  • This is the ability to detect, bodily position, weight, and movement of muscles, tendons, and joints.
  • You might consider this just “muscle memory”, but I have a whole lot of this. Once I am used to an area, like your attic my kinesthetic sense will kick in and I will basically be operating on auto-pilot. I create a memory of the environment and how to move through it without looking. This is handy because I have little to no eyesight.
  • This can take some time for me to develop, it will only happen once I am comfortable with my environment.

7) One more little tid-bit while we’re talking about my favorite subject: I have beautifulTeeth. These teeth are responsible for destruction of your property and are a big reason to look into animal removal!

  • My teeth are a lovely yellow brown tint, and have a delightful length to them.
  • I can chew through almost anything because my beautiful teeth are also really hard
  • My favorite front teeth grow at a rate of 5 inches a year. I have to constantly chew things to file them down or they will get too long for my itty bitty rodent mouth to handle.
  • Jealous much? I thought so.

In Austin rodent control will mean a trapping program paired with rodent removal or general animal removal. If you are hearing noises in the attic, contact The Bug Master and we come out and give you a free inspection so you know what you’re dealing with.