Options for Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

bed bug close up 200x136Unbelievable, they’re taking over. Can’t stop, won’t stop. But they must be stopped. They can’t even vote! Bed Bug control is a tough proposition for all those involved. Getting rid of bed bugscan be a daunting and expensive task that you will most likely end up seeking professional help for. In all honesty, you will most likely not be able to achieve bed bug control on your own using over the counter type products. This leads in nicely to our next topic, what types of products can be used to get rid of bed bugs in your home?

Here are your choices to achieve bed bug control:

  1. Over the counter products
  2. Heat treatment
  3. Traditional treatment
  4. Comprehensive treatment

We should investigate all options available before you make an investment in treating your home. Like I said, bed bug treatments are expensive.

  1. Over the counter products basically suck. They tend to not work. If anything, they just push the bed bugs deeper into the wall voids and other hiding spots that are hard to access. In other words the over the counter products DO NOT GET RID OF BED BUGS, and will in fact make it more difficult for your professional pest control applicator to get bed bug control. There are actually big lawsuits against many of the non-chemical over the counter treatments because they claim to be safe and more effective. It looks like they are neither. Check out some interesting and informative informational insight about the lawsuits here. I just used alliteration in my blog! Zing!
  2. Heat treatment, hmmmmmm. There are a couple of things I love about a good heat treatment, and we use elements of heat treatments everyday in our Bed Bug Control program.
    • HEAT IS TOTALLY GREEN. Heat is just what it sounds like. You raise ambient temperature to get rid of bed bugs. When it comes to bed bugs, Austin customers generally love this element. Bed bug control with no chemical exposure is a top selling point to many bed bug Austin customers.
    • Heat kill bed bugs, but you need to heat everything all over, throughout the entire home. That is a pretty tall order and can be fairly invasive. Heat at those temperatures could warp you blind on windows, put moisture in insulated double pane windows, melt electronics (electronics generally run at very high temperatures and will be fine but the plastic encasements will melt). So these are all issues of preparation and can be addressed by removing all electronics, outlet and light switch cover, get all clothing out of closets etc. This can be kind of a lot of prep work, although heat treatments are marketed as low prep, not sure why. The real problem I have is that heat treatments leave NO RESIDUAL treatment behind. If you miss one mamma bed bug with a bunch of eggs alive deep inside the wall void surrounded by insulation, you could easily have a re-infestation. Once the heat is gone the treatment is totally over. Like we have said, getting rid of bed bugs is tough, and you need to utilize all technologies available to get the best results.
  3. Traditional heat treatments are another term for chemical treatments. Chemical treatments are effective and can require less prep work by the customer. This type of treatment is much less invasive to you and your home. It is cheaper and much quicker. Some bed bug Austin customers are a little timid about using chemicals in their home, especially on the bed and surrounding area, so this type of treatment may not be for you. However, this is a cheaper and effective solution to achieve bed bug control. This approach can be done with very limited preparation by the customer.
  4. Comprehensive bed bug treatments are the way to go. Use heat and traditional chemical methods and products. Use heat to treat mattresses and box springs. Heat can be applied with a hand held steamer. Heat will easily treat bed bugs in all the nooks and crannies of a box spring. Don’t use heat to penetrate walls that is insane. Us a traditional chemical treatment like dust to penetrate the wall void. By combining the products and procedures technology has to offer you utilize all the available assets the market has to offer you. This approach can be done with very limited preparation by the customer.

If you’re looking at getting rid of bed bugs once and for all these are the basic treatments available to consumers. I strongly recommend utilizing all available methods because each technique has a unique use and they all have a legitimate place in achieving bed bug control. No reason to pick one over the other. If you are having an issue with bed bugs calls for a free professional bed bug inspection and get some good information about how the process will work and what type of treatment will work for you.