Pest Control Austin: A Look at Green Pest Control Austin

Green Pest Control 200x183Pest Control Austin: Green Pest Control Austin Texas. When we talk about green pest control Austin Texas customers have certain expectations about what that might mean. Generally speaking people hear green pest control and think organic and natural methods. For many of our green pest control Austin Texas customers, they interpret these labels of green and natural as SAFE. This is a slippery slope. An Austin pest control company should never use the word safe to describe products being used around your home. The simple fact is that these products, green, natural, organic, and traditional are all designed and developed to create a reaction. However, by using a professional certified reputable exterminator you can ensure that these products are used properly and feel confident that the outcomes will be the desired results. Keep this in mind when looking into green pest control.

With the spike in interest concerning green pest control Austin Texas customers have started educating themselves about the options available to them. An interesting option for green pest control Austin is what the industry refers to as an IPM. This stands for Integrated Pest Management. IPM has basically been the “next big thing” and folks have gotten really excited about the idea of having a green pest control Austin program that has the lowest environmental impact possible.

IPM is a concept that started off as a process that would include chemical and biological tactics to eliminate pest control issues. As a professional pest control Austin Texas Company utilizing an IPM strategy we have no problem using chemical treatments in the way they were intended. By using chemicals correctly and only when needed you greatly reduce any environmental impact or safety issues associated with the use of a pesticide.

As this IPM style of pest control gained momentum and popularity it struck a chord with the environmental community and regulators. As IPM became more established it also would evolve. The interpretation of the IPM definition by environmentalisits, the EPA and the National Pest Management Association has led many seeking green pest control Austin to believe that all IPM programs are going to use the “least toxic and most effective and efficient technique[s] and material[s]”.

The least toxic and most effective and efficient techniques and materials can be a bit misleading and is starting to cause some trouble. As an applicator you must have the ability to responsibly use all the tools in your tool belt.

  • What does “least toxic” imply to you? This jargon tends to cause a good bit of miscommunication between applicator and customer. Leas toxic can generally translate to “organic” or “green”. This is an accurate translation. Many natural chemicals are HIGHLYtoxic.
  • “Least toxic” to what. A product that is extremely toxic to termites may have NO effect on a human at all.
  • Toxicity is not equal to risk. An active ingredient in a product used by a professional can be highly toxic. However, when used according to the manufacturer’s label, that ingredient may be mixed with water and diluted to a formula that is extremely unlikely to have an effect on you, your family, or your pets.
  • By using only the “least toxic” product, you limit what your tools your pest control company has to address your issues. This is an ongoing struggle for many companies who would otherwise be able to supply customers with solutions.
  • Also only using the “least toxic” product cannot be your only criteria. We must always consider the results. If the least toxic treatment will not provide you with a solution, you will need to continuously reapply in pursuit of the desired results. This will result in the over exposure of the people and the environment to the “least toxic” products.

These are all good reasons to have a professional pest control Austin Texas Company do your service. It is important to find a reputable company who you trust. It is important that you communicate your desires with this company and let them decide what the best plan of action is. Communication is never overrated when pursuing green pest control Austin Texas can live with.