Pest Control Austin TX: Natural Pest Control

yay spring teddy bear 200x150Destructive pests are constantly a nuisance for the natural gardener. As a pest control Austin TX Company we get many questions about our natural pest control products, but in reality you may not want even the greenest products used around your organic garden. I can certainly understand this mentality and subscribe to it myself. However there are a number of steps you can take around your garden to achieve pest control Austin TX style. Here are some suggestions of how to achieve natural pest control around your home and garden. Some I have use and know they work others I’ve heard good things about. Please let me know if you have any results you can share!

1.Discourage MammalsRodents and deer can be a big problem in our gardens. Remember, you are growing food, right? Deer, rats, and squirrels like food to! I know, hard to believe. So one way to implement natural pest control that can control these problems is to “treat” your garden with a solution of soap, HOT pepper sauce, and the hotter the better, and water. This solution will quickly dissipate and break down with water (rain, sprinklers) so you will have to consistently reapply. This is not silver bullet, these animals will still eat your garden if it is the only food around, but this will help. You can also set up some type of moving gadget on a motion sensor to scare off potential pests. Get creative here. Water, kids toys, compressed air will all work. We use Halloween decorations from a few years ago that has a speaker turn on triggered by motion sensor. Remember to move this stuff around so the pests don’t get used to it.

2.Physical Barriers

Austin pest control can be super simple. Fences work, like really well. A simple physical barrier can be the best natural pest control ever. Put up a wire or nylon mesh fence. You will need to build the fence somewhat high; up to shoulder level would be perfect. I have read that leaving the top loose will prevent climbers from scaling the fence. The loose top will move with the critter’s weight and scare them off. Also cover tomatoes and berries with mesh to keep the birds off.

3.Be Sneaky and Use Traps

Pest control Austin customers always have issues with slugs. I have never tried this one, but I have heard that you can catch slugs by placing a shallow dish of beer around the garden. The slugs are attracted to the fermentation and will fall in the dish and become trapped. You can also place a clay pot upside down and the slugs will naturally be attracted to the hiding spot where you can find them and dispose of them. You will want to place these traps around the outside of the garden so the pests are drawn away, instead of inside your garden.

4.Soap and Tobacco are the Original Natural Pest Control

Soap kills bugs, and has been used to do so for many, many years. Tobacco juice kills bugs, and has been used to do so for many, many years. This stuff works and it actually works pretty well. Insects must come into direct contact with the solution, but this is an Austin pest control trick that I highly recommend. Soak some chewing tobacco in water for a few hours, then add some liquid soap and apply the solution. This does not stay on the plant, it will breakdown pretty quickly so keep applying.

5.Natural Pest Control Means Using Nature

Bats eat bugs. Natural pest control means using natural predators. When it comes to pest control Austin residences can use our bats. Install bat houses on your home and get free natural pest control. Also bird baths around the home can be effective pest control Austin residences can appreciate.

Austin pest control customers can achieve natural pest control through these methods. If you still need some help call an Austin pest control company and see what types of programs interest you!