Pest Control Austin: Use Bats Instead of Bug Spray

bat cartoon 200x81Pest Control Austin: Green Pest Control Austin Texas. Ahhhhh, to build a better bat house is our mission, should you choose to accept. Listen up. This one will be good. To kill mosquitoes using green pest control Austin Texas customers are comfortable with is our goal and the local bat population will be our proverbial vehicle. With this proverbial vehicle we will commit literal mosquito slaughter and laugh diabolically. Bam!

Mosquitoes suck, real bad. In fact, mosquitoes have killed more humans than any other creature in human history. The mosquito has killed more humans than wars and plague. STOP and RE-READthe beginning of this paragraph. OK now let that sink in for a minute. The mosquito kills almost as much as old age! I know! Now think about the fact that every year about a million and a half people succumb to malaria, 50 to 100 million people a year are infected with dengue fever or “breakbone fever”. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan.

Mosquito season will be her before you know it. While all pest control Austin companies are able to provide mosquito services that will produce great results for you and your family, services that utilize either green pest control Austin and traditional pest control techniques. There are also some easy techniques that are green pest control Austin customers have access to. Pest control Austin is all about green pest control Austin customers know what they want.

For truly green pest control Austin Texas customers can do themselves that will have a profound effect on mosquito populations, you should build a bat house. There are a couple things to consider when getting down to building a bat house. Following these construction and installation guidelines will greatly increase your odds of attracting bats.

  1. Design – A bat house should be 2 ft tall. You want your chamber to be 20 inches tall and 14 inches wide. You want a landing area below the entrance that’s about 5 or 6 inches. The bigger the better in all honesty. Most houses have 1 to 4 roosting chambers, the more the better. All partitions and landing areas need to be roughened by scratching or cutting horizontal grooves. Since it gets hot in central Texas cut vents 2 inches from the bottom of the house.
  2. Construction – Use cedar or good plywood. Use exterior grade wood and screws. Stay away from pressure treated wood. Caulk all the seams.
  3. Wood Treatment – Since it’s so hot here you want to paint it a light color. It you have cedar you can just stain it, the wood is naturally light. Paint 3 or more coats of dark exterior grade, water based stain on the inside. You want the inside to be nice and dark.
  4. Sun Exposure- It gets hot here so put the house in some shade. You want the bat house temperature to stay between 80 and 100 degrees F for as long as possible.
  5. Habitat – You will have the greatest success in areas that bats are already attempting to live in buildings. Hopefully there is a stream or lake nearby. They need a water source.
  6. Mounting – Mount on a building or a pole. Houses on trees or metal siding are rarely used. Wood, brick, and stone buildings are great. Mounting under the eaves of houses works well. You want the house to be at least 12ft off the ground 20ft is great. Do not light bat houses.
  7. Avoid Uninvited Guests – Wasps can be a problem. Use ¾ inch roosting spaces to reduce the risk of wasps. You can remove the wasp nests in winter if they show up. Use open bottom houses to reduce other critters like birds, squirrels and such.
  8. Timing – Any time of year is ok. Best results are to install before spring.

Or if you’re too lazy to build your own bat house in the name of green pest control Austin Texas, go buy one! You should also consider traditional mosquito control green pest control or traditional if your yard is full of mosquitoes.