Pests Expected This Fall

Now that the weather is starting to change with the upcoming season, different kinds of bugs and pests will be arriving soon. Although each area has its unique habitat that supports different life forms, one can expect a widespread increase in the number of these insects. Fortunately, with The Bug Master in Austin, you can rely on quality pest control services.

Lawn Grubs

Those brown spots that one may find in their wrecked grass lawn is not just a coincidence. Most of the time, especially in fall, these dead grass spots are the result of lawn grubs. This is because they feed off of the grass roots, killing of one’s beautiful, hard-earned grass. The best time to treat these suckers is when they are young, so the sooner, the better.

Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

With the upcoming winter, these stink bugs seek hiding places, so they are rampant in the fall time. Worse yet, their favorite hiding place is inside the walls of a house. They have a very distinctive smell that resembles that of poison. Aside from killing them with bug poison and pesticides, the best solution is to prevent them from coming in by closing all openings in your home.

Boxelder Bugs

Much like the Brown Marmorated stink bug, these guys like to take shelter during winter. They are mainly read with hints of black spots. These bugs like to prey on both maple and ash trees. However, a good pesticide should easily take care of them.


Bagworms are caterpillar-like bugs that can get up to two inches in length and like to create bags made out of twigs. They are commonly found along evergreen branches, porch roofs, and other surfaces. Fortunately, these bugs pose no significant threat to plants. On the downside, they are very ugly, especially when they get out of hand.

Slugs and Snails

Around 60 percent of a snail or slug’s eggs are laid in fall. Both slugs and snails, which are essentially the same thing, are notorious for eating and completely demolishing plants. Therefore, they must be eliminated immediately.

Yellow Jackets

Although yellow jackets have a bad reputation for stinging, they are beneficial for the garden. They prey on caterpillars, aphids, soft-body insects and even immature scale insects, so leaving them alone is the best idea. If one still doesn’t want them around their home, they can always call an exterminator who specializes in eliminating yellow jackets. One should never do something like this themselves because they are very dangerous, especially in large numbers.

General Pest Control Services in Austin

The Bug Master offers general pest control services in Austin, Temple, San Marcos, and Waco. If you are interested in green methods, we also offer environmentally friendly options.