Bat Extermination in Austin, Central Texas, and Houston

With over 35 years of experience, we know a thing or two about getting rid of ants.

I should start by saying that bats are incredibly beneficial animals. They eat insect pests. All night. Bats are awesome. 

However, here in Central Texas (Austin, too) bat control can be a big issue. Bats are a little creepy and you don't want them nesting inside you home or business. This is usually a commercial wildlife and rodent control issue, but it comes up in homes as well. Getting rid of bats takes some understanding of the animal, careful planning, patience and finally experience is a big help. The Bug Master just happens to have all of these elements. As a part of our rodent and wildlife removal and exclusion service line, we have had great success providing bat control all over Austin.

Bat Removal Services in Austin, Belton & Waco

Technically bats aren't really rodents, but are we splitting hairs here...

Bats -  Bats are incredibly beneficial animals. They are natural and green pest control providers just as nature intended. However, their presence in Austin's man-made structures can cause big problems. Once they set up shop in your structure, they noisy. Bats create constant scraping and squeaking noises. Also, bat droppings and urine create horrific odors and stains.

The Bat Diet- Bats eat insects. Hunting and feeding at night, these guys get rid of mosquitoes by the thousands. Other insect also feel the wrath of bat bellies, but I hate mosquitoes, so there you go.

Bats can be Dangerous - Its important to remember that bats can pose a health risk. Bats are know to carry rabies, ectoparasites, and histoplasmosis. In all honesty, I'm not too sure about the last tow but rabies are really bad.

The Bat Cave - Bats habitat live in caves or any little nooks & crannies. They will seek alternative shelter when their natural habitats are disturbed. This is when they will set up shop in your attic or commercial buildings.

Bat Control can be Tricky - When we talk about bat control, we are rarely talking about 1 bat. Bat control means getting rid of a colony, a whole bunch of bats. Bats are protected and beneficial, so non-lethal measures should be taken. Unlike most rodents, we are talking large numbers and trapping is not the solution.

The basic bat control process consists of 2 main steps.

    1. Inspection. We inspect the structure in great detail. Figure out where the bats are nesting and then how they are getting in. There is usually a primary entrance and many potential entrances.
    2. Exclusion. Based on a detailed inspection, we should now know what hole or structural deficiencies to address. This means closing up holes. Seal the entire structure, big time. Then at the active entrance, you put up a controlled exit. A controlled exit is a cone-like device that bats can exit but are unable to return through. Once this is in place, its just a matter of time before the bats leave to find some dinner and are unable to reenter the structure. Now you have bat control and the colony needs to find new digs.

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