Some Beautiful Mosquito Repellent Plants

5Have you ever wondered if there are any mosquito repellent plants that you could use around your home? Well, the answer is yes! These are all great, especially if you are just now learning about mosquito control. You can also contact a pest control provider about a free inspection for your home.

Mosquitos like to hang out on bushes and shrubs, so looking at the plants you have around your house is a great idea if you are having mosquito problems. Your landscaping could be encouraging your mosquito problem!

It's not always realistic, but if you can use some plants that won't attract mosquitoes, and even deter them.


Stop Mosquitoes Today!

Some of my favorite mosquito repellent plants are Citronella Grass, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Catnip.

Citronella Grass is a tropical grass that looks like a long monkey grass but it gets to be really big—up to 6 feet tall in fact. Plants that big aren’t always fitting in yards, but if you have looked into the mosquito repellent candles, you likely recognize the name citronella, and that’s because these plants are used to make those candles.

Marigolds are another great mosquito repellent plant for your flower beds. It’s a beautiful flower, and the plant produces a scent that is repellent to mosquitos. Some people aren’t fond of it either so you many want to make sure you like it before adding the plants to your garden.