Termite Control Austin Texas

3This time of year termite control Austin Texas is a common web search. Everyone is looking for a FREE termite inspection after a long dry summer. Now that we have started to have cooler temperatures and we start to get a few rain showers. Even during winter time termites can pose a substantial threat to your home. Lately I have been going out to numerous customers’ properties and witnessed termites doing a lot of damage. Some of the telltale signs of termites can be, but are not limited to, mud tubes going up the foundation around your home, and globs of mud in the corners of a room or rooms in the interior. Many times termites find their way into a structure through plumbing penetrations coming up through the foundation or small cracks that cannot be seen because they are located in the middle of the house and are covered by flooring or some other kind of building material. If you have a pier and beam home each individual pier under your house needs to be examined because every place that has contact with the ground is a potential highway for termites to enter your home. To be sure your home is safe from termites it is best to have a pest control professional, licensed in termite control, come out and do a thorough inspection of your property, pointing out not only active areas but conducive areas as well. Treating prior to an infestation is always the best way to deal with termites. Once a treatment is performed on your property you as a customer will have the option to pay an annual renewal fee that will protect you from any further termite activity (talk to your pest professional for more details).

To recap:

  • check around your property for any signs of mud (shelter tubes)where it should not be
  • call a professionalif you have any doubt or if you are interested in a preventative treatment
  • keep up with your annual renewal payments so if termites do appear you are always covered
  • sleep better at night knowing your property is safe.
For more information or to schedule a free inspection please contact The Bug Master today, and see how we can help you.