What Are those Small Black Ants?

There are many types of ants in Texas that can get into your home. One of the most common is often described as "small black ants".

And we get asked all the time: "what are those small black ants?"

Rover Ants are the typical culprit 

Rover Ants are believed to have originated in Argentina, hitching a ride in the early 1970s to North America. Since then it's made a name for itself as one of the most invasive ants around.

Nesting in the open, there's hardly a sign of them except a small hole in the ground, but increasingly the Rover has become one of the most difficult pests to treat, accounting for more repeat visits than any other.

The Rover Ant colony will have one queen and the nests are usually located outdoors under rocks or any wood cover, but often can be found in the wall voids of your home.

Treating these ants takes an integrated approach, with baits, dust, and spray to effectively control.

Inside they are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens and tend to gravitate toward light or windows. Without a good magnifying glass, it's hard to tell them apart from several other types of ants; a professional inspection would be needed to properly identify if Rover Ants are your problem.

  • Exotic, invasive species imported from Argentina
  • The nest is usually under some type of cove but will use wall voids
  • Single queen colonies
  • An integrated approach is usually required to control

There are many types of small black ants in our area and identification is a key part of exterminating them.

If your not sure what type of small black ant you are dealing with or would simply like to schedule a service, contact us today.

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