4 Common Pests Schools Face

Schools struggle with pests for a number of reasons. The various environments, from cafeteria kitchens to bathrooms, in combination with heavy foot traffic create ideal conditions for roaches, rodents, ants, and flies to thrive. These pests can endanger the health of both students and staff.


American and German cockroaches are notorious for infesting schools. They reproduce quickly, especially German roaches. Schools have a multitude of water sources that help roaches multiply including cafeteria kitchens, restrooms, fieldhouses, and gym showers. A school’s constant foot traffic exacerbates roach infestations in two critical ways. One, the noise and activity can force roaches to borough into spots where a pest control company wouldn’t normally find them. And two, students and teachers can carry roach eggs on their shoes further spreading an already existing infestation.

Have roaches infested your school?

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Rodents, like us, want a safe and warm shelter with easily accessible food. Schools provide that in excess. Schools have a lot of hiding spaces where rodents can thrive. With a cafeteria, kitchen, and outdoor eating areas, food is plentiful for mice and rats alike.

Be sure to seal any entry points rodents may use. Keep a clean kitchen and cafeteria. If your school faces a rodent issue, a combination of rodent trapping, bait boxes, and rodent exclusion would likely be needed.

Are rodents invading your school?

Our pest control experts will make sure your school is free of rodents.


Fire ants can be a major problem for playgrounds, football, soccer, and baseball fields. They can pose danger to students playing around the mounds that pop up after rainy weather. Regularly treating fire ants is critical to safeguarding students enjoying recess or sports.

Other ant species tend to venture into the school itself. Just like other pests, ants come in trying to find food, water, and shelter. With a large number of students and teachers, a school will provide ants with a reliable source of food.

Does your school have ant problems?

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Flies are a constant problem for any school. They can be difficult to remove for pest control companies. The problem is you have a lot of, once again, foot traffic. Doors are held open as students pile into the cafeteria letting all types of flies in. Controlling flies takes constant cleaning, monitoring, and pest control. Fly control may include fly lights, traps, and baits.

Struggling with flies?

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Keeping Pests Out Of Your School

Partnering with an established and experienced pest control company is critical to safeguarding your students and staff from pests. You want a company that urgently treats issues and is also proactive about preventing infestations.

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