4 Pests That Will Ruin An Apartment Manager’s Budget

And How to Prevent It

Strong apartment managers run their budgets with diligence and purpose. It’s a strong indicator of future promotions and career growth. And the last thing apartment managers want is billing surprises. While no one can predict external budget surprises, especially the strongest apartment managers, you can help to preempt pest infestation and mitigate the impact on your apartment’s budget. 

Termites, bedbugs, fleas, and German roaches are the four pests we’ll discuss and how to help reduce their impact on your apartment’s budget.

Apartment Termite Infestations

A termite infestation can cave a monster hole into an apartment manager’s budget. Termites can appear all of a sudden out of nowhere and cause thousands of dollars in damage. If one building is infested, there will likely be more because a mature termite colony can span a football field.

We’ve seen untreated termite infestations destroy an apartment’s staircases, pop through tenant’s walls, and even erupt in third-floor apartments with no indication of exterior termite activity.

For apartments, a termite infestation is likely inevitable.

Because apartment complexes here in Texas can span several acres, it’s not a matter of if the apartment gets termites, but when.

How To Prevent Termites From Impacting Your Apartment Budget

Reacting to a new termite infestation can cost tens of thousands of dollars if. If your current pest control company is not committing to doing thorough termite inspections every year, find someone that will. This can mean the difference between $5,000 in damage and $25,000 in damage.

More importantly, a pest control company that offers Termite Bonds will ensure that your annual budget towards termites is predictable and never surpasses a given dollar amount. Think of Termite Bonds as insurance. You invest a fixed annual dollar amount and you will be covered for the entire year should a termite outbreak occur. Also, make sure that the pest control company offering the Termite Bond does in-depth annual inspections.

We offer both: Termite Bonds with Comprehensive Apartment Annual Termite Inspections

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Another inevitable apartment pest is bedbugs. Bedbugs are very good hitchhikers and can survive without a meal (blood source) for over a year. Tenants will usually bring in bed bugs from their travels or by introducing used furniture and other items into the unit.

Reducing Budget-Impacts From Bedbugs

While you cannot predict when someone will bring in bed bugs into your apartment complex, you can mitigate the spread of bed bugs.

A good pest control company specializing in apartments will insist on inspecting adjacent units to reduce the spread of bedbugs. We cannot stress the importance of this; not allowing adjacent units to be inspected can often lead to bedbug infestations of other apartment units months down the road.

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German Cockroach (Roaches)

German roaches are the most common roach found in apartments, restaurants, hotels, and other commercial buildings. They reproduce and spread very quickly. German roaches love heat and humidity, and they are commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms.

German roaches are one of the most common pests we treat at apartments. Many times we’re called in because the current pest control company can’t eliminate them.

How To Minimize The Impact Of German Roaches On Your Budget

Because German roaches reproduce at such a rapid rate, it’s important to treat them quickly. If a German roach infestation is left to its own, it can infest other apartment units. So treat any German roach infestation as soon as you can; we can’t stress this enough.

When it comes to a German roach infestation, it’s important that your pest control company insist on inspecting adjacent units.

For example, if unit 200 has an infestation, we’ll inspect unit 199 and 201 (the adjacent units), as well as units 100 and 300 (units below and above 200).

You also want your pest control company to do consistent building rotations. For example, in August we’ll inspect buildings 1 and 3 so we can preempt any German roach infestations.

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Tenants hate fleas. Fleas commonly annoy our dogs and cats, and sometimes us when they can’t find another food source (blood). Fleas can go a couple of weeks without a food source. A female flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day. So a flea infestation in a tenant’s apartment can quickly spread.

And you don’t have to have pets to get fleas. We commonly treat apartment units where no pets are present. It may be that the tenant visited someone with pets and fleas or walked by the dog park and picked up a flea along the way.

How To Reduce A Flea Infestation’s Impact On Your Apartment’s Budget

When a flea infestation is discovered, it’s important, once again, to inspect adjacent apartment units. This is a consistent theme with bedbugs, German roaches, and fleas.

Building rotations will also help reduce the effect on your budget.

Regularly treating your dog park is quite important to control fleas and the impact they have on your apartment budget. It’s a tactic that most pest control companies do not offer, but we’ve found it to be essential to reducing the frequency and severity of flea infestations.

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