Bed Bugs Austin Tx: Active Bed Bug Monitoring

Bed Bug Monitor 195x261OK. So, in Austin bed bugs are here, and it would seem they are here to stay. The good news: as of now, bed bugs DO NOT carry diseases (kissing bugs will be something to worry about in the near future, but that’s for another blog). You might think that here in Austin bed bugs come from staying in lousy hotel rooms, but it turns out Austin bed bugs are equal opportunity pests. You can find them in nice hotels as well. In fact the more upscale hotels cater to international travelers, and infestations can be common. Don’t worry too much though; more upscale hotels have the resources to protect their reputation and customers, so they are almost always willing to address bed bugs as soon as they know about the problem.

Now let’s talk about your home. When it comes to bed bugs Austin TX customers are pretty sensitive to the problem. We get calls early and often. People that get the smallest indication of an infestation will contact us immediately, and this is a good thing. Treatment of the problem early will dramatically increase the chances of eradication. Also, getting rid of the problem as soon as possible will obviously reduce the time you have to spend with the pests, who happen to be really gross. So, this is all good right? Yes, it is. But, if it is an extremely low level infestation, the inspection may not produce any results indicating bed bugs. This is a situation where the home owner is positive they need a treatment but the inspector doesn’t see any evidence to support the customer’s concerns. Now we have a standoff. If the issues are not being caused by bed bugs Austin TX customers will not be satisfied with the bed bug treatment; they could be getting mosquito bites while they sleep after all. So where do we go from here? Our friends at FMC Professional Solutions have developed a product to address this standoff, and it works. It works really well.

FMC Professional Solutions has developed the Verifi Bed Bug Detector. The Verifi bed bug detector has been extensively tested and is proven to be effective. The station can be placed in the room thought to have an infestation, and will help to confirm if there are in fact bed bugs. The Verifi system is discrete and will attract bed bugs looking for a meal or a place to hide. The system works by emitting a pheromone that imitates the scent given off by bed bugs and signals safe harborage, it also emits low levels of carbon dioxide, which signals a food source to the bed bugs. These lures emit low levels of chemicals which do not pose a risk of being flammable when used as directed. To put these chemical levels into a context that most of us can relate to, the chemicals contained by the Verifi lure are not as flammable as chemicals contained in nail polish remover and aerosol air fresheners. In other words it is less flammable than common house hold products under your sink right now.

It has been our experience that this product is well designed and produces accurate results. Any professional applicator that uses this product will be able to inform their bed bug Austin TX customer what the bed bug infestation level truly is within one week’s time. This product is a perfect match for anyone concerned with bed bugs. Hotels will be extremely happy with this system. They will be able to quickly tell if there is an infestation and to what extent. For us at The Bug Master, we have already had success with our hotel industry partners and are now offering this service to residential customers who have concerns, but an inspection does not produce results indicating a treatment is needed. This product can eliminate this problem and we are excited to offer this service. Good job to FMC Professional Solutions for providing the first active bed bug detection device.

If you are experiencing signs of bed bug activity then please contact us for a free inspection or to install and monitor the verifi system.