Bed Bugs Austin TX: Be Weary of False Advertising

rat walking cartoon 200x165It would seem the FTC is starting to take this whole false advertising thing seriously when it comes to bed bugs.

Hmmmm, bed bugs. Austin TX residents are getting more and more exposure to these critters all the time. It is a public health issue that has been keeping a number of Austin pest control companies busy for quite some time. Bed bugs suck, plain and simple. When you hear a professional in a uniform say “you have bed bugs”, bed bugs Austin TX customers are no exception and tend to get a little worked up. Austin bed bugs are no different from what you will find around the world and there is a ton of info about this pest. When we discuss bed bugs Austin customers will immediately go on line and try to find a quick, easy, and / or cheap solution. Don’t bother. There is no quick, easy, cheap fix.

Products are starting to pop up in the marketplace making pretty tall claims. These products target customers with promises to eradicate the pests immediately. They claim to be highly effective and safe.

Many of these quick, easy, and cheap fixes are offered online and through commercials. These are not real solutions. Recently the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has begun sending a powerful message that the federal government will not tolerate chemical manufacturers preying on unsuspecting consumers buy making false, misleading or unsupportable claims.

This past September the FTC filed deceptive advertising charges against two companies marketing bed bug Austin remedies with “natural” active ingredients like cinnamon, and cedar oil. FTC says these companies failed to back up their products “overhyped claims” of eradication and prevention in the future.

This is an interesting course of events. Over the years products have been sold to consumers that do not work. I have bought some of them as I’m sure you have. It is interesting that now because in various cities like Austin bed bugs have created such hype that people will try anything to address their issue. It makes sense; here in Austin bed bugs being treated properly can be expensive. Customers hear the price that may be too expensive for them to handle. It is only natural to be attracted to products with cheap price tags and huge claims.

Beware of products marketed with cinnamon, lemongrass, peppermint and clove oils under the “Rest Easy” brand. They are paying a large settlement right now. The issue is not only that they don’t work but the claims of being superior and SAFE. If you are in the pest control industry you will know that claims of being safe is kind of a big deal. Ask any government agency with an acronym.

You should also keep an eye on over the counter products that are not involved in these FTC crack down. Over the counter “bombs” may have a positive effect for a few days but will not take care of your issue. In fact, they can and usually will make your problems worse. Over the counter “bombs” will almost always push the bed bugs deeper into their hiding places in cracks, crevices, and wall voids. Then it is more difficult for the professional to do his job and make sure the treatment is reaching all the bugs. This example of the over the counter products that claim to solve your problem will generally prove to exacerbate an existing pest infestation. At that point it is actually more difficult to solve and therefore can be more expensive. To get rid of bed bugs Austin customers should contact a professional. To get rid of bed bugs Austin pest control companies have products that are not available to non-commercial applicators. That means you can’t buy the stuff that is proven to work. No offense, but the idea or implication that that somehow one of the toughest jobs in the pest control industry can be knocked out by an untrained do-it-yourselfer in a couple of minutes is seriously wrong. There is a reason why when getting grid of bed bugs Austin TX customers pay a premium.