Cannibal Rat Infestation. I Couldn’t Make This Up.

I couldn’t even make this up. I deal with rat infestations all the time. I provide expert rat control to homeowners. Generally when we talk about a rat infestation we are referring to rats in the attic. Not today. My friend just emailed me this story and I have to share.

According to The Independent, a 300-foot cruise liner Lyubov Orlova, has been adrift and crewless for the better part of a year. Just floating around the North Atlantic. The Lyubov Orlova was in tow to a scrap yard when the tow line snapped and the company towing it decided not to pursue and instead cut their losses.

So, what about the rats? The newspaper says:

“Experts say the ship, whack is likely to still contain hundreds of rats that have been eating each other to survive, must still be out there somewhere because not all of its lifeboat emergency beacons have been set off.”

So there you have it. Ship in the Atlantic adrift without crew. Full of rats who have turned to cannibalism to stay alive. Looks like who ever finds the Lyubov Orlova, should bring an exterminator with them. Rat control is needed. Especially if they are cannibal rats, those are the worst ones.

This also brings up a good point. People always want to throw bait out to get rat control when they have rats in their attic. This is probably what will be done with the ship. This is a bad idea. Dead rats tend to smell. Trust me, you do not want to live on this ship after a “rat control” program of throwing bait around has been implemented.