Getting Rid of Roof Rats: 3 Great Tips

roof rats

Pests, bugs, rodents, and the like can be a real pain for homeowners. Everything from cockroaches to termites, which cause about $30 billion in damages to man-made structures each year, can give you and the rest of your family nightmares, both in the nocturnal and financial sense.

Roof rats, specifically, are one of the worst rodent problems to have for a homeowner. Here are some great ways to rid your home or any and all roof rats:

  1. Contact a rodent removal service — If you even think for a second that you have rats inside your home, it’s best to contact a professional rodent removal service right away. Home damage from rats can be extremely expensive and it will only get worse as the problem grows. There are a few things you can do to rid your home of these undated guests, but a professional will guarantee proper extermination.
  2. Set up your own rat traps — If there are just one or two rats in a small part of your property, setting up rat traps can be a quick and easy way to catch them as well. These traps are both simple to set up and inexpensive. It’s important, however, to regularly inspect your traps to see whether or not you caught any rats or to see if there are other insects swarming your rat bait.
  3. Use natural remedies –Certain products like peppermint oil, pepper, and ammonia can be great for clearing out rats inside your home. Rats have strong senses of smell and can’t stand these odors — so place them in a bowl or around your home and let the rats get the message that they are not welcome.

Don’t wait until the damage is too severe or the rats continue to multiple inside your home. You need to get help as soon as possible. If you need immediate assistance to rid your home or pets or roof rats, its best to contact professional pest control and rat removal services right away — contact The Bug Master and take your home back.