Pest Control Austin: Natural Pest Control

rat walking cartoon 200x165I’m usually not one to promote firearms, but this is the greatest invention ever. Currently I am writing to you unable to attest to the effectiveness of this product. I have not yet received it and it is currently in the mail. You could call it a little present from me to me. As a pest control Austin Texas professional, I could not stop laughing when I saw the video and immediately ordered it. The weapon I speak of is the BUG-A-SALT, the original salt gun. The folks at BUG-A-SALT have turned unwanted pests around the home and kitchen into game to be hunted. Is there anything better? No, there isn’t, but thanks for asking. As Christmas is coming, it is the perfect time to get a little gift for myself, but as I write this I’m starting to realize that this time of year there aren’t any flies around for target practice. No worries, I’ll shoot my wife.

This is an interesting and fun idea because it truly is a completely natural pest control option. As pest control Austin TX customers begin to request more organic and natural pest control options, our team here at The Bug Master has been developing new protocols to fit these needs. This is a subject that all professional pest control Austin companies have been thinking about for some time. This product is a silly reason to talk about what our Austin pest control customers want.

Natural pest control is a conscious choice made by customers who want to achieve improvements in their living environment that will not have a negative effect on themselves or their loved ones. Although a professional Austin pest control company can accommodate these desires by using standard products, I can appreciate that mentality, and now thanks to the great mind behind BUG-A-SALT natural pest control comes with a gun. I would not recommend this product if you have young boys running around the house, because the younger brother will end up with salt in his face. As a younger brother, I can safely say this is a sad reality of life. Other than that if you are an Austin pest control customer who wants natural pest control to get rid of flies in and around you home, go ahead and get a gun that will shoot salt at flies. Makes sense right?

The BUG-A-SALT is basically a little pump action gun that shoots a pinch of salt. The pinch of salt is propelled out like a shotgun blast towards your target. It is designed for relatively short ranges, think two feet or so.

I bring all this up because for pest control Austin Texas people are starting to undergo a dramatic change. Pest control Austin TX customers are beginning to lean towards natural pest control options. Pest control Austin Texas companies are hearing the Austin pest control consumers and are answering with products to fill this market niche. This growing demand for natural pest control is prevalent in both residential and commercial accounts. There are now environmental certifications that designate a structure eco friendly. LEED certifications are in this group and Austin pest control customers who have a LEED certification will need a natural pest control program to coincide with the LEED criteria. This system may be more familiar to commercial building managers who need pest control in Austin. Either way Austin pest control is becoming a green or natural pest control market.

If you are a commercial or residential customer who would like to speak to someone knowledgeable about an IPM (integrated pest management system), if you have a LEED certified property, or if you are just interested in natural pest control, please contact a local pest control Austin TX Company to discuss your options. And by local Austin pest Control Company I mean The Bug Master. After all we are bugmasters. Also we have some experience with natural pest control and may have some information or services to offer you.