Rodent Control Austin: Rodent Removal

rat walking cartoon 200x165Over the past few months we have been having a dramatic increase in rodent activity around the homes and businesses of our pest control Austin TX customers. The video above is just another day at the office, remember to wear your gloves!

The cool weather will start to push the critters around your house to look for shelter. Your attic space is an incredibly enticing shelter for these rodents. Rodents will try and find a way into your home through any openings. Usually your home will have a number of openings around the roof. Roof vents, roof pipes, and small gaps around chimneys are all areas that can cause problems. They will find these holes, figure out a way to exploit them and then you need to call an Austin pest control company. Most pest control Austin companies will be able to come up with a plan for Austin rodent control. This usually means setting up traps in areas know to have activity. Once you give the traps time to work you can safely seal up the hole the rodents we able to get inside from. If the critters are in an area that traps would be ineffective, Austin rodent control quickly turns into rodent removal. Rodent removal is a tricky situation. Sometimes the rodent can be stuck in a wall void or in between floors on a multi-level home. Also, when it comes to rodent control Austin customers will usually want the rodents removed unharmed. The Bug Master team agrees with this philosophy. Depending on the location and type of animal any pest control Austin company will do it’s best to get rodents out unharmed and then release them in a better location. Unless you’re talking about rats, no pest control Austin TX company will let a rat live.

The video up top is a standard Austin rodent control job. This rodent control Austin customer called because they were having noises in the chimney. With an inspection, we were able to take off the chimney cap and see that the squirrel had gotten stuck inside the chimney flute. Once he fell down the chimney he was unable to climb back up because the flute is a stainless metal pipe and there is nothing for the critter to grip. The home owner was hearing constant noises so she called The Bug Master, her local pest control Austin TX provider. The customer was concerned about any damage to her home, but was equally concerned about the squirrel getting out safe.

So with this in mind we got a snare. A snare is a basic trap that allows you to lasso a critter, and then we can pull the squirrel up and out of the chimney and release him. Any Austin pest control company should have the tools and know how to complete a job like this one. It will also be up to your Austin pest control company to seal up the entry points to prevent this from happening again. In this case there was a two inch gap along the base of the chimney cap that needed wire mesh to plug up the hole.

Another happy tale in the pest control Austin chronicles. As you can see the squirrel was happy to get out of the chimney and quickly made a run for it. If you are hearing noises or have suspicions that rodents may be entering your home you can always call for a free inspection. One of our team members will always be able to give you a written inspection based on their findings and will be able to answer any questions you might have about the conditions that could lead to rodent removal.