Pest Control Austin: These Little Black Ants Will Not Go Away!

House 175x117We often get asked how to get rid of little black ants. Little Black ants are often the source of frustration for most home owners as well as many business owners. It seems like they are here today and then gone tomorrow only to be back the next day. I always recommend a free general pest control inspection if you are having trouble getting rid of little black ants.

While these little guys have the ability to nest within a structure they are most often found nesting somewhere on the exterior. When one ant finds a food source it will leave a pheromone trail all the way back to the nest that tells all the other workers in the colony, “Hey follow me to the buffet”. Keep in mind that a spot of bacon grease can feed a colony of little black ants. A few drops of Cool Aid or soda can do the same. Once that pheromone trail has been established there will be more and more ants on the way.

Removing the food source is probably my first thought when someone asks me how to get rid of little black ants. That doesn’t have to mean that you have a filthy home or business. The smallest particle of food can attract the attention of the colony. Try the following steps first.

  • Using a disinfectant or similar product, wipe down all the surfaces where the ants have been observed.
  • Clean the surfaces with two thoughts in mind – Removing the food source and the pheromone trails.
  • Check inside and out for cracks that are giving the ants access to the interior
  • Wash these areas to remove the pheromone trails and then seal the cracks

Sometimes these little black ants will be nesting inside the structure in wall voids, attics, under cabinets and similar places. This can make eliminating this frustration very difficult to say the least.

Good luck with your little black ants and if you would like a free inspection or if you have questions feel free to The Bug Master and we can help you out with any of your general pest control needs.