Rodent Control Austin Texas

1I went out to follow up with a customer earlier this week and do a FREE rodent inspection and I found something pretty interesting once I arrived. To my surprise a rat had actually chewed through a sheet of metal put up on the baseboard to stop any re-entry. Now, I have seen some pretty determined rats in my day but to have one actually chew through metal was amazing to see. This got me thinking a little about how important preventative rodent control Austin is to both commercial and residential property owners. Rodents can cause substantial damage to property and can be very difficult to remove once inside a structure. My advice is to take just a little time every few months to look at the exterior of your property and see if there are any areas that seem to have been chewed or tampered with. This could very well be evidence that rodents are present. Also, check to make sure you don’t have any tree limbs hanging over or touching the roof as this can be an easy way for unwanted critters to access vulnerable areas of your property. And of course if at all unsure call in the experts and we can take a look free of charge to let you know if something is of concern.

To recap:

  • Visually inspect your property and look for anything suspicious
  • trim back all trees away from structure (at lease 4-6 feet)
  • call in an inspector to do a FREE inspection if unsure of what to look for

With these tips you should remain rodent free for years to come.

If you suspect you have rodents living in your structure call us todayor click on the button below to schedule you free rodent inspection.