Termite Treatment Season is Fast Approaching

these are termites 200x157As I sit down to put together a quick blog for our selective audience, I can only think of one thing. It is raining outside. Right now as we speak we are getting some much needed rain. Even if it comes at a moment when we should be enjoying a phenomenal SXSW weekend here in Austin TX, the clouds are always welcome to open up and pour down upon this town. Water good. Oh, water real, real good. So this brings me back to our blog’s title. Termite treatment season is on its way.

We’re getting some rain and I bet it will start to warm up here in a couple of weeks. You get yourself some moisture, then you add some warmth and that will give you humidity. Seriously, just Google it. Termite and pest control companies brace themselves for these conditions. It means that termite treatment season is here. Maybe it would be more accurate to say termite swarming season, rather than termite treatment season. It’s the termite swarming that freaks people out and lets them know, hay, it is time to look into a termite and pest control program that can get termite control. After all they eat wood, my house is made of wood and I clearly see a million little bugs all over the place.

The humidity will signal the termite swarmers to well, swarm. Let me kind of break that down and put it into context. A mature colony will have soldiers, workers, and swarmers or winged reproductive termites. Each type of termite has a specialized role and purpose for the colony. Once the colony has grown to a size that is deemed too big the queen termite, the reproductive termites get word to get out there and be somebody. In their case, be somebody means find a reproductive partner and start a new colony, because we are running out of room. The reproductive termites have little chance of survival, so they wait, and wait, and wait for conditions to be optimal for survival and success. They climb up a mud tube and wait for warmth and humidity. At that point the will break through the top of the tunnel and hundreds of swarmers or reproductive termites will “swarm” out of their colony in search of a good spot to establish a whole new colony. Hakuna Matata.

So this is all good and well unless this happens next door to your home or worse yet, at your home. Oh, it gets better. Let’s just say hypothetically that the termites make a mistake. They build their mud tube up into your bathroom. Then the biological design of these little critters is trigged they set out with purpose and direction to wreak shop (reek havoc). They burst through the end of the tube and swarm. Hundreds of them, nay thousands of them swarm with a vengeance looking to spawn and establish a new colony. Only with one problem, they made an itty bitty mistake. Not fully understanding the basics of construction and home design they busted through your bathroom wall instead of outside They were all dumped into your bathroom and hallway, not the great outdoors. Up until now you didn’t even know you needed termite control.

That whole story may sound a little farfetched. It isn’t. As a termite and pest control provider I get this call more than 50 times a year. No joke, this happens all the time. This is the sure sign to most that they need to get a professional termite treatment to get termite control.

Keep in mind this doesn’t have to happen inside your home. It should actually happen outside if all goes according to the termite master plan. Just keep an eye out for little black ant like bugs that do not have a waist with white or opaque wings. If you see a bunch of them all over the ground you got a termite colony underneath or very near your home and you should look into how to get rid of termites.

You can always get a free termite inspection or a free estimate on how to get rid of termites. Call around and go with a termite and pest control provider that has a good REPUTATION and a history. They will know how to get rid of termites for good and will be able to tell you about all the options available to you. Check out our blog with some more information on termite treatments available to you.